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How to draw a nut

How to draw a nut

Small walnut painted among other things, can complement a still life composition, and thereby complete the image of the picture.

If you've never painted nuts, hazelnuts try to portray.



Hazelnut - a delicious fruit of cultivated plants, referred to as hazel or hazel. Despite the fact that the appearance nuts of different varieties of this plant is slightly different, all fruits have similar structural features. Examine the pictures, which depict hazelnuts. Note that each nut surrounded by a kind of vegetable shell. shell mature nutand shorter than the fruit. By the time of maturation, it breaks down into jagged blade.


To draw hazelnuts, first draw a circleoval or medium size. On one side pririsuyte small sharp triangle. Combine the previous figure and triangle smooth lines. Direct the triangle faces and erase part of the circle.


On the opposite side of the circle, draw an arc, which, as it separates the edge portion nutand the total weight of the fruit. So you picture a place that nut is attached to a branch.


Fill this area a cream shade, and its edge in bold brown line. Then her gray-brown place barely visible dots and small bars, diverging from the edge nutand by the drawn arc.


The rest of the nutand dyed in a brown hue. After this draw a thin line of dark brown and light brown in color, the former extending from the mounting region to the triangle nutand a branch of a tree. Few bands blend.


If you want to portray a plant shell nutand, draw it in the form of several genitalleaves encircling the fruit. Then erase the line between the leaves. You should now have one long list with a few sharp teeth, which surrounds nut.


Paint this item in green. You can leave the skin completely green. Or you can paint the edges further into a reddish hue.

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