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How to draw a nut


How to draw a nut</a>

A small nut, drawn among other objects, can complement the composition of a still life and thereby complete the image of the painting.

If you have never painted nuts, try to picture hazelnuts.



Hazelnut is a delicious fruit of a cultivated plant called hazel or hazel. Despite the fact that the appearance nutDifferent varieties of this plant are slightly different, all the fruits have similar features in the structure. Look at the photos showing hazelnuts. Please note that each nut Surrounded by a peculiar plant envelope. Shell matured nutBut shorter than the fruit itself. By the time of maturation, it breaks up into dentate lobes.


To draw a hazelnuts, first draw a circleOr an oval of medium size. From one side, draw a small sharp triangle. Combine the previous figure and the triangle with smooth lines. Straight edges of the triangle and part of the circle are erased.


On the opposite side of the circle, draw an arc that, as it were, separates the outermost part nutBut from the total mass of the fetus. So you will picture the place that nut Fastened to a branch.


Paint this area with a cream shade, and select the edge with a thick brown line. Then on it with a gray-brown color put delicate points and small dashes, diverging from the edge nutBut to the drawn arc.


The rest of nutBut paint it in a brown shade. After this, draw thin lines of dark brown and light brown color, departing from the former triangle to the mounting area nutBut to a branch of a tree. Slightly shade the stripes.


If you want to depict a plant envelope nutA, draw it in the form of several pointedLeaves surrounding the fetus. Then erase the lines between the leaves. You should have one long sheet with a few sharp prongs that surrounds nut.


Paint this element in green. You can leave the shell completely green. Or can additionally paint its edges in a reddish hue.

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