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How to draw a notepad


How to draw a notepad</a>

Notepad is a small notebook that knows many interesting facts from the owner's life.

Notepad remembers all important dates, all phones and prompts when and with whom the meeting will take place.

In general, such a quiet assistant.

And how to draw a notebook?

You will need

  • - album sheet-
  • - a pencil-
  • - The eraser.



In the middle of the album sheet, make a pencilOutline of a notebook. Draw a rectangle that is slightly turned counterclockwise. Divide the notepad into two parts - draw a vertical line close to the left edge. Round the corners of the pad. Under the underside of the rectangle, draw another parallel line. This is the back hard cover of the notebook. Draw pages - draw a few repeating outlines of the lines at the bottom between the covers.


On the right side of the rectangle, along the entire height, draw in a smooth line paging tabs, located in close proximity to each other. In the middle of the cover draw</a> E-mail sign. «Dog». To do this, draw a small capital letter "a" with a wide line and take the letter to the center of the circle with its long tail.


Draw the rings that hold the notepad. In the narrow left part of the displayed object, place five small circles in the same distance. Draw the letters "c", the upper edges of which will dive into the mugs, and the lower ends will rest against the back of the notebook. Place them so that they lightly touch each other.


Color the drawn notebook. Most of the pictures in one tone. Make the top left corner one-half lighter. The left side should be drawn with a dark background. Please note that the back cover must be painted too, taking into account the division of the notebook into two parts. Pages and bookmarks are painted in a light gray tint.


Draw the fastening rings. First cover the entire surface with a gray color. Then draw a dark gray line in the middle of the rings and paint a glare. The ends of the rings are very dark. Add light touches of the paint, which sketched the cover of the notebook.

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