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How to draw a ninja


How to draw a ninja</a>

Surely everyone remembers and loves the famous cartoon about turtles of Ninja.

Despite the fact that this cartoon for many years, many children watch it so far and are fans of his characters.

Often children dream of drawing their favorite characters, but do not know where to start.

At the same time, drawing a Ninja turtle is not difficult, if you follow the technique.



Take a sheet of paper, an eraser and a nice soft pencil. Put a picture of the Ninja turtle full-length next to you, so that you can navigate the original in the process of drawing.


The Ninja Turtle? This is, in fact, a stylized figure of a man, whose growth is six lengths of the head. Design the height of the future Ninja and draw a slightly flattened head at the top of the notations, rounding the crown.


Slide the guide arc vertically away from theCrowns to the chin, to chart the angle of the face. To give the desired angle to the body, draw the same arc from neck to tail. The arc must pass through the center of the front of the trunk and serve as a divider for the thoracic armor of the turtle in two parts.


Draw a shape of the shell and drawHorizontal line cross-vertical arc. You have obtained a shell from four sectors. On the shoulders of the turtle, draw two circles and attach elongated ovals to them. Connect them in a smooth line, so that you get the relief shoulders, and then paint your hands and hands.


After that, go to the drawing of the feet, observing the relief of the muscles.


Erase extra auxiliary lines and startAdjust and detail the drawing. Combine the contours, smooth lines, add shading of the shadow. Draw the features of the shell, knee pads and elbow pads. Add a belt to the turtle.


Separately draw the features of the head? Outline the contours of the cheeks and the line of the eyes. Draw a bandage, the upper edge of which is above the eyes, and the lower one passes along the upper border of the cheeks and mouth.


Add the turtle the distinctive features of any of the cartoon characters, paint? And your turtle Ninja is ready.

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