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How to draw a Mansion

How to draw a Mansion

Unlike the animals from the Ukrainian stories "Glove", who decided to settle in the mitten, the beasts of the Russian folk tale "Mansion" built himself a house resembling a Russian house.



Draw a small wooden house, but that init could accommodate all the heroes of fairy tales about Mansion - mouse, frog, rabbit, fox, wolf and bear. Put it on a piece of paper so that you can see the two sides. Slices of logs be issued in the form of circles. You can draw on them to crack more realistic.


Build out to one side of a wooden houseporch and steps, three pieces will be enough. Decorate bumpers stairs carved planks. Draw on the wall and the door jambs, do not forget the forged hinges and handle.


Draw the roof of the house, it should behigh enough to fit the apex additional window. Decorate gable with carved images of horses. Do not forget lined tube furnace bricks. Above the porch and draw a gable roof decorated with carved wooden details.


3 Draw the window - on the side of attics, whereno doors and the stairs, under the ridge above him, and under the roof of the porch. Draw carved open the shutters on the windows and embroidered curtains. Use the elements of the ornament, typical of Russian village houses. Under the window, draw a bench made of tree stumps and planks. In the porch, place woodpile.


Put all the characters in a fairy tale drawnMansion. Place the frog and the mouse in the upper windows, on the roof of a hare, fox on the porch. Draw a wolf looks out of large window. Bear put in the house is not necessary. Try to keep at least some proportion of the animals, so the hare has not turned out the size of a bear.


Paint the picture. Mansion itself follow in shades of brown, decorative elements on the shutters and draw the ridge vibrant colors - red and white. Pipe allot a red-brown color. Paint Animals.

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