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How to draw a Teremok


How to draw a Teremok</a>

Unlike animals from the Ukrainian fable "Rukavichka" who decided to settle in the mitten, the animals from the Russian folk tale "Teremok" built a dwelling resembling a Russian house.



Draw a small wooden house, but in order toIt could accommodate all the heroes of the fairy tale about the houses - a mouse, a frog, a bunny, a fox, a wolf and a bear. Place it on a sheet of paper so that you can see the two sides. Cut logs in the form of circles. You can draw cracks on them for greater realism.


Attach to one side of the house a woodenPorch and steps, three pieces will be quite enough. Decorate the sides of the ladder with carved plaques. Draw on the wall jambs and door, do not forget about forged hinges and a handle.


Draw the roof of the house, it should beHigh enough to fit an additional window under the ridge. Decorate the roof with carved images of horses. Do not forget about the brick-lined pipe of the furnace. Over the porch, also draw a gable roof decorated with carved wooden details.


Picture 3 windows - on the other side of the tower, whereThere is no door and steps, a ridge above it, and a porch under the roof. Draw open carved shutters on the windows and embroidered curtains. Use the elements of ornamentation, characteristic of Russian village houses. Under the window draw a bench made of hemp and plank. At the porch place the woodpile.


Put all the fairy tale heroes in the paintedThe housekeeper. Arrange the frog and the mouse in the upper windows, the hare on the roof, the chanterelle on the porch. Draw a wolf looking out of the largest window. Bear put in the house is not worth it. Try to at least approximately observe the proportions of animals, so that the hare does not turn out the size of a bear.


Paint the picture. The house itself is made in brown tones, decor elements on the shutters and the roof ridge draw bright colors - red and white. Pipet the pipe with a red-brown color. Color the animals.

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