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How to draw a man


How to draw a man</a>

If you want to learn to draw, then you just need to be able to properly build a human figure.

The construction of male and female figures is different, but the general principles apply to both.

You will need

  • Pencil, paper, eraser.



Start building from the line of the spine. Surely you are used to starting to draw a person from the head, but this is not always convenient for the correct arrangement of body parts. The backbone of the human body is the spine, and it is with him that it is most acceptable to start drawing.

How to draw a man


Begin to add the main body parts. Start with the pelvis. Draw it in the form of a trapezoid, taking into account the position of the line of the spine. Then add the rib cage. The slope of these two elements must be in different directions to balance the figure. Then draw the legs, first in the form of guiding lines, and then adding hips, knees, shins and feet. Then draw your hands on the same principle. And yes, draw your head in the last place, paradoxically.

How to draw a man


The frame of the figure is ready, now position the musclesWhere they should be and add a few details. The basis for further elaboration of the figure will be obtained, which you can continue to your taste, adding clothes, light, shade and details.

How to draw a man

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