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How to draw a lightsaber

How to draw a lightsaber

The main attribute of the players of the popular computer game «Star Wars» - lightsaber.

If you want to create an image or a photo with a picture of a lightsaber, use the Photoshop program.

It will take you a few minutes, but you'll definitely be satisfied with the result.



To take a photo ideas heroes who are holding the handle from coming out of their swords. It is this image will be used to further the creation of a lightsaber.


First, create a new layer in Photoshop, whichname "Blade." Place it over the picture and completely fill it with black. Now change its type in the «Screen». After that black should become transparent.


Then set the white color, and select Tools"Line". The thickness of the line, take an equal one-third the width of the blade and press the «Create Filled Region». This is to ensure that Photoshop did not generate a vector object, instead of what immediately drew a line on the layer. Focusing on the image on the photo, draw a line, which will subsequently blade. After that blur its filter «Gaussian blur», whose radius is equal to the line width of the take. In «Adjust Levels» menu, change the input levels: the top 48 and the bottom 32.


Thereafter, with the brush black Adjust blade shape so that it appears more realistic. Now proceed to the creation of colored aura.


Right-click the name in the panel layer«Layers» and select «Duplicate level». Enter the name "Aura1". Blur it using the filter «Gaussian blur» radius with the width of the blade line. Again, change the input levels: the top 64 and the bottom 48. Now again blur the line of the same filter.


Press again «Duplicate level» and name the new layer "Aura2". Input level, set the same values ​​(64 and 48). Now blur the line filter with a radius equal to two lines of the blade.


Then paint the aura. To do this, each layer of the aura set in the menu «Adjust Levels» upper value (Output Levels) for RGB is 127, while for the other channels - the values ​​that match the selected color.
Finally, blur the first layer of "Blade" filter «Gaussian blur». Radius Pick 1/3 - 1/4 the width of the blade line.

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