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How to draw a piece of paper

How to draw a piece of paper

There are a lot of trees. All of them have a certain type and different from each other form the barrel crown structure and color and have a different size and shape of leaves.

Draw a separate sheet of paper can be taken from nature or using a stencil.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - Simple karandash-
  • - lastik-
  • - kist-
  • - watercolor paints.



Draw a birch leaf or linden. To do this, mark the oval with thin line. & Nbsp-In mid-swipe & nbsp-vein and draw the two halves. Make the edges cloves. Draw a list clearer.


To look more leafnaturally, & nbsp-stroke it along the contour with a thin tip & nbsp-brush. & Nbsp-Smooth strokes paint full list. The veins should have a lighter tone. For this purpose a brush dipped in water, paint & nbsp-light strip. To the lines were thin, keep the brush vertically. Blot with a clean, soft cloth pattern. The paint from the floor, soaked with water, soak the paper. On a sheet of light stripes are formed.


Draw an oak leaf. It will also draw oval zauzte its end. In the middle of the main vein Draw. It will be a smooth transition into the stalk. From it in different directions mark the small strips. The right and left sides of the leaf, draw symmetrical. The edge of the sheet make wavy.


Draw a strawberry or strawberry leaf. For this visually determine the ratio of the width of the sheet to the & nbsp-height. Draw a thin line horizontal strip of sheet and mark its width. Draw leaves, scalloped edges make.


Draw a branch with leaves. On a sheet of paper mentally mark the location of the branches, & nbsp-Sketch her pencil. Look how many leaves will? The same will be the leaves on the size or different? Please note that & nbsp-some of the leaves cover the others. Look closely at the shape of the leaves, their color. Some leaves are darker paint and other lighter.


Try to draw a maple leaf. They may be green, & nbsp-yellow and red. Take a good look at the list. It has a complex shape of a polygon. In contrast to the leaves of other trees, maple leaf imeeet five veins. Strips differ from & nbsp-base in all directions. Around each line draw a separate sheet. Draw sharp teeth in the form of a crown.


For beginners & nbsp-artists portrayMaple Leaf is very difficult, therefore, draw a leaf from nature. Take the sample to dry it, or make a stencil out of it on a dense sheet or cardboard. Take a blank sheet of paper, put the maple leaf in the & nbsp-center. At outline of a maple leaf & nbsp-pencil or marker points put down a short distance away. & Nbsp-Clean sheet, carefully draw around the contour point.

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