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How to draw a label

How to draw a label

Few people are thinking that whencreating a folder, they can change not only the appearance of the display it by changing the sketch, and draw your own icon, which would have contributed to this folder among others.

You will need

  • - Editing software that supports work with images in ico format.



Download and install any editingallowing you to create and save an image in .iso format. Normally used to create labels with special programs, but really nothing special in them no other than support this format. Before downloading it is best to compare the functionality and additional possibilities in terms of applications, namely editing tools.


Run the installed program. Select "File" then "New" in the drop-down menu. If the editor will offer pre-specify the final size of the label, better skip this step, because image editing is best done initially over a large area. Here the most important thing to observe the proportion - set the value of the same length and width to the nearest pixel as an icon should be square.


Draw a picture of your future icons using the tools on the respective panel. Edit the settings for brightness, contrast, color saturation, and other settings.


Change the size of 32 × 32. Save it in any place where it will not disturb you, and how do you then accidentally delete it. Select .ico format in the drop-down menu to save window.


Locate the folder to which you want to change the label. Click the right mouse button and select "Properties" from the menu. "Setting" - Go to the last of the tabs. Click on "Change Label" at the bottom of the window.


Click "Browse" button in the new window that opens,Select your newly created shortcut by using the search window, apply the changes and close the window by clicking "OK". If the label does not change the image, right-click on the free area and refresh the screen.

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