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How to draw a koala pencil

How to draw a koala pencil

Sometimes called koala bear marsupial.

By the bearish old, he has a very low ratio, but it looks a bit like. It is a small furry animal.

He lives on the branches of eucalyptus, which gives a koala "and the table and the house."

Draw a koala can be simple or gray colored pencil.

draw eucalyptus

Think about where you will live your koala. He rarely comes down from the tree. Therefore, a gradual start drawing from the branches. It is best to plant their marsupial bear in a crevice between two branches of eucalyptus. Put the sheet vertically. Select a point from which your disagree branches. From mark draw a line almost vertically, but with some slope to the right, the other - with a slope to the left. Direct need not be symmetrical. In parallel, existing lines, draw two more. From the point where the branches come together, draw a horizontal line, and then a second, just below.

Drawn parts of branches is not necessary. Leaves also will not be necessary, although for completeness experience you can draw a couple.

Many balls

To draw a koala in stages, considerpicture with the animal. You will see that all parts of the body marsupial bear almost round. Between the branches draw a circle so that it will fit between the contours. To the top of the great circle smaller circle pririsuyte - head. Ears koalas, too round, very similar to a bear, and located in the same way.
If you draw a vertical diameter of the uppercircle, tabs will be located him at an angle of 45 °. Perpendicular to the vertical diameter of the horizontal swipe. Eyes koalas are just on the line, about halfway between stretches cent and contour. Eyes round, black and small. They can immediately paint. Draw the nose and - coming in the middle vertical rectangle. The expression "entity" in any case, will turn out a good-natured.

The nose can be immediately paint a soft pencil. It is the dark and homogeneous area on the animal's body, so that a pencil can be in this place and shade.

Oval paws

Do koalas - thick legs. It is almost oval, folds almost invisible. Upper leg draw on the great circle. Start about midway between the contour and the center. Lapa crosses the torso diagonally. From the second upper limb is only visible to the edge. Generally paws of koalas in look about the same as that of a teddy bear.
Lower extremities also seem toy. They begin approximately from the middle, are vertically protrude slightly beyond the circumference. Low on legs with oval feet. The long axis of the ovals are located almost vertically.

Teddy bear

Koala - a soft fluffy animal. Wool had mostly gray, but there are a few white areas. Draw the outline of the white spots. The remaining portions of shade is very short lines, or simply points. Points put arbitrarily rapid pencil strokes. Pencil is better to take a very soft - 3M or 4M. On the white areas of paint some hairs hard pencil.

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