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How to draw a kitten named Woof?

A kitten named Woof - cute cartoon character. Kitten is easy to draw even those who are not particularly well managed with a pencil and paint.

You can draw it in pencil technique, working with pastels, watercolor or gouache.

Drawing the head and muzzle

Start with a pencil sketch. Attach a sheet of paper on the plate and select a place where the picture is located. We kitten named Woof should be appropriate proportions - a rather big head with big ears and a tiny body with a short tail.
Draw a circle slightly flattened on the horizontal -an outline of the future head. Place it at a slight angle - get characteristic cartoon kitten modest inclination of the head. At the top of the circle mark large triangular ears. On the right side of each slide along the line indicating the rear of the ears. In the center of the main circle mark the one, somewhat smaller - muzzle kitten.
Mark the smaller circle with two perpendicular lines, intersecting near the bottom. Crossing the lines will be the center muzzle kitten.

All auxiliary lines follow a sharpened pencil hard - he gets very light touches that can easily erase eraser.

At the intersection of the lines extended black markpoint - lobe of the nose. Near the nose, place the eye in the form poluovalov - their lower boundary should be located on a horizontal line marking. In the center of each eye, draw a large black pupil. Good shade his soft pencil, and then mark the area eraser white glare.
Under the nose, draw a mouth in the form of two connectedparenthesis - it should form a "smile". On each side of the mark on three short mustache. Circle the contours of the head with a soft pencil. Try to give the muzzle expression, typical of a kitten named Woof - modest and a little sly.

Completing the picture

Proceed to the image of the kitten's body. Under the head, draw a small elongated triangle. Bend it to one side - convex side will be back. In the lower part of the label thin and rather short pointed tail. On the opposite side of the mark the two parallel lines - created with straightened front legs.

If you want to paint a kitten with colored pencils or watercolors, make the body of beige and dark markings - brown.

Circle the body of a kitten and a soft pencilproceed to zashtrihovke. We kitten named Woof color color-point - dark spots on a light background. Gently shade rear side of the ears, muzzle and tail. On the legs, draw two small vertical oval and also paint them. For greater homogeneity of strokes can be gently rub a small piece of paper. Erase unnecessary auxiliary line eraser. Figure prepared.

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