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How to draw a horse head

How to draw a horse head

For larger riders plans without detailing the horse's head can not do.

There must be strictly observed proportions. In order to realistically draw a horse, you must have a lot of experience and a good eye.

But if you do not want to create a work of art, you can use the step by step directions.



Draw three circles. It will be the first contours of your figure. It determines the proportion of the final figure is correct. The largest circle should be at the top, just below - a little, and the average of them is located on the diagonal.


Draw the outline of the original head. Not much clicking on the pencil, connect the circle. The large oval, draw a small circle. This will be the horse Eye.


Add the ears, nostrils and throat. Horses ears stand upright. Arrange them on the same level at the top of the head. Add the neck loop and two parallel roundels nostrils. Apply mouth slightly curved line. Then fix the head contour and remove unnecessary lines.


Draw bridle. Draw a small circle near the edge of the lips. Then, draw a small circle sticking out of his mouth. Then add a few details that will make your image more realistic. Draw the mane, add the nostrils and eye shape.


Complete all the circuits. Doris bridle to the end, adding a few more belts. Apply a few touches on the mane.

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