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How to draw a flare

How to draw a flare

Drawing in Flash allows you to usea variety of visual effects that adorn the flash movie, and one of these frequently used effects is a simple light glare, which can be decorated with a flash video for the banner, header of the site, or any other graphic object, which you can use to design web projects.



To get started, select an image - for example,vehicle photo - and optimize the image for placement on the Internet, squeezing it to the desired size without loss of quality. Start Flash and create a new document, setting its size to match the size of your photos using the Modify Document option.


Open the File menu and select Import & gt-Import to stage. Select your image from the list to place it in the first frame.


Rename the photo layer by double-clickingon his arm, and then lock the layer so you do not accidentally change it in the course of further work. Create a new layer by clicking the Insert Layer button, and name it "flare" - on this layer, you will create hotspot On the photo.


Set the timeline pointer to the first frame layer hotspotth, and then draw a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool tool. Click on the first frame of the timeline, then click on the toolbar Fill option.


Select linear gradient and color bar (Color), configure it by making the mid-point of the gradient is almost transparent to hotspot He looked natural. Set the transparency of the circuit to zero.


On the thirtieth frame of layer painted with you hotspotth press F6 key and create a new keyframe. Select the layer with the original photo, and then open the thirtieth frame timeline photos. Press F5.


Go back to the layer with hotspotth, and then drag a rectangle withgradient along the image on the reverse side, using as a tool to move the mouse. Click on any picture on the right mouse button and click Create Motion Tween button. Lock the layer.


Create a new layer (Insert Layer) and select the Pen tool to create a mask. Circle the pen areas that should highlight hotspotThen right-click on the layer and choose Mask from the menu that opens. Thus, you have created a mask hotspota. Press Ctrl + Enter and view the finished work.

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