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How to draw a hat

How to draw a hat

Helmet coined in ancient times andThroughout its history it has changed several times. A helmet protects the head of the ancient warrior, very different from what they wear modern motorcyclists and racing drivers.

But they also have a lot in common.

Peering better, you'll notice that different helmets basically details and principles of the structure of these protective devices are very similar.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - karandash-
  • - The picture with the image of a warrior wearing a helmet.



A helmet designed to protect the head. Accordingly, its shape follows the shape of the head, that is the basis of it is a circle or oval. Place the sheet as you are comfortable, and draw a circle. Swipe through its middle vertical centerline. Helmet, you are looking at right, should be symmetrical. If the warrior's head is in profile to you or under some angle, symmetry will not work. But in any case, you need to build the shape of the circle.


Axial portion which is insidecircle, divide in half. There will be end of the Headlight. For the helmet without a visor this division sufficient. If the visor is, then divide in half and still lower segment centerline. The proportions of the oval will be a little different. forehead line will be located just above the middle and the bottom of the visor - just below.


Divide the circle vertically. You can spend a perpendicular to the center axial line to its intersection with the circle. Make it thin lines or just imagine. For motorcycle helmet divide each half into 3 pieces perpendicular and set on a circle about 1/3 of each side. Draw a vertical line up to the intersection with the bottom part of the forehead. Continue down to their circle. At the side of the knight's helmet a little wider, so the vertical lines draw closer to the mid-perpendicular segments.


The base of the helmet you have, now you need to give itfinal form. Draw a soft pencil vertical lines between nalobnik and circle. Bottom nalobnik divide into 3 parts and connect the resulting point arcs with the upper point of intersection of the centerline and the circle. If you have a motorcycle helmet or car, you just decorate it with the side parts, and it can be done on your own taste.


At the knight's helmet there are different parts intop part. It may be, for example, a comb with feathers. Continue axial up for a short distance. The bottom part of the forehead is divided into 3 segment so that the middle was narrower, and the two sides - the same. From the ends of the middle part 2 draw a line parallel to the centerline. They must end at the same level. Connect the arc, convex part of which "looks" up.


The top of the helmet of ancient warrior narrows. Similarly as in the previous case, continue upward axial line. The intersection points of the circle and the bottom nalobnik connected to the top point of the centerline of the smooth symmetrical arcs. Their bulging portion directed towards the middle of the picture.


The basis of the helmet shown in profile, tooIt is a circle or oval. Vertical axis slide through the center of the circle. Similarly, determine where it ends nalobnik and visor. Label them with thin lines. Metal side part is a little more open, so pull back a little from the axis and draw a vertical line from nalobnik or took to the intersection with the circle at the bottom. The upper ridge line in this case is parallel to the top portion of the circumference. It begins ridge just above the bottom line nalobnik and ends on the other side at about the middle of the center line.

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