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How to draw a helmet


How to draw a helmet</a>

The helmet was invented in ancient times andThroughout its history has changed many times. The helmet that defended the head of an ancient warrior is very different from what modern motorcyclists and racing drivers wear.

But they have many common features.

If you look closely, you will notice that helmets differ mainly in details, and the principles of the structure of these protective devices are in many respects similar.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - a pencil-
  • - a picture depicting a warrior in a helmet.



The helmet was created in order to protect the head. Accordingly, its shape repeats the shape of the head, that is, its base is a circle or an oval. Arrange the sheet as you like, and draw a circle. Pass a vertical center line through its middle. The helmet, which you look straight at, must be symmetrical. If the warrior's head is in profile to you or at some angle, symmetry will not work. But in any case, you need to build a form from the circle.


The axial section that is insideCircle, split in half. Here the head part will end. For a helmet without visor this division is enough. If there is a visor, divide in half the lower axial section as well. In the oval, the proportions will be slightly different. The forehead line will be just above the middle, and the bottom of the forehead is slightly lower.


Divide the circle vertically. You can draw a perpendicular to the center of the center line before it intersects with the circle. Do it in thin lines or just imagine. For a motorcycle helmet, divide each half of the perpendicular into 3 parts and set it off from the circumference approximately 1/3 on each side. Draw vertical lines up to the intersection with the bottom of the head part. Continue them down to the circumference. At the knight's helmet, the side pieces are slightly wider, so draw the vertical lines closer to the middle of the perpendicular pieces.


The basis of the helmet you have, now you need to give itFinal form. Draw a softer pencil with vertical lines between the foreface and the circle. The bottom of the forehead is divided into 3 parts and connect the resulting points with arcs with the upper point of intersection of the axial and circumference. If you have a motorcycle or automobile helmet, you only need to decorate its side parts, and this can be done for your own taste.


At the knight's helmet there are still different details intop part. It can be, for example, a comb with feathers. Continue axial up a short distance. Lower the head part, divide by 3 segments so that the middle part is narrower, and the two side ones are the same. From the ends of the middle part, draw 2 lines parallel to the axial. They must end at the same level. Join the arc, the convex part of which "looks" upwards.


The top of the helmet of the ancient Russian warrior narrows. In the same way as in the previous case, continue up the center line. The points of intersection of the circumference and the bottom of the forehead are connected to the upper point of the center line by smooth symmetrical arcs. Their convex parts are directed towards the middle of the figure.


The basis of the helmet depicted in the profile, tooIs a circle or an oval. Slide the vertical axis through the center of the circle. Similarly, determine where the front and the visor end. Label them with thin lines. The metal side will be slightly larger than the open, so move a little away from the axis and draw a vertical line from the forehead or visor to the intersection with the circle at the bottom. The upper line of the ridge in this case will be parallel to the upper part of the circle. The ridge starts just above the bottom line of the foreface, and ends on the other side approximately at the midpoint of the center line.

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