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How to draw a gun

How to draw a gun

The gun - a type of artillery weapons.

In past centuries, this weapon was used pretty often. It also installed on ships, where it was simply irreplaceable.

And how to draw a gun?

You will need

  • - Landscape larch
  • - karandash-
  • - Eraser.



Make a general outline of the gun. First, in the middle of the sheet, draw a long, narrow oval, located diagonally, the left edge up. This will be the muzzle of the gun. Underneath some distance draw a straight line parallel to the oval.


Connect the line with the muzzle smooth lines,arranged at both ends of the line. So picture a flitches - stand under the gun. Attach visible wheel - draw a circle so that the lower limit of the mast to cut them almost in half.


Draw details of the gun muzzle. The upper end of a little narrow down and extend the lower bit. The widest part of the picture the face - draw a circle, half of which is at the boundary of the oval. Now attach the handle guns.


Draw ring, which are placed in severalplaces the muzzle of the weapon. Spend curved lines, its bulges facing the upper end of the barrel and projecting beyond the oval border. Draw a place for the wick. Indicate his small circle placed at the top of the barrel.


Draw details of the mast. Upper and lateral limits of the visible wall picture a double line, symbolizing the thickness of the board. At the top of the draw two bolts - small ovals, separated by curved lines for bulk. Doris continued attachment.


Draw the bottom of the mast: to the edge portion of the side wall finish a line located at almost a right angle thereto. Again, picture a board thickness, having a second line parallel to the first. Walk through all the visible parts of the mast short strokes to give the kind of tree structure.


Draw details of the wheel. Draw ovals, arranged diagonally in one direction with a gun tilting. Divide by convex lines separating visible from the upper side portion, which is indicative of wheel thickness. In the middle of the wheel fastening draw.


Doris gun parts. Draw chocks under the wheels, depicting their first cube. Also draw a core gun - small circles the diameter of which shall not exceed the value of the thinnest part of the barrel.

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