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How to draw a gnome pencil

How to draw a gnome pencil

In the old European fairy dwarves were little people.

They wore long beards and caps.

Gnomes may be evil and the good, but they always participate in the incredible adventures.

Fabulous creatures turned into a nation, which is very much told Tolkien.

But his gnomes in size a little different from the people still have something in common with their distant relatives from medieval legends and folk tales.

Man, but not quite

Gnome is very similar to human. However, the classic proportions of the human figure in this case does not necessarily comply. Drawing this character is more convenient, if the sheet is lying vertically. Around the middle of a long draw a vertical line. A short distance from the lower edge of the sheet, draw a horizontal line.

Gnome can be drawn in a different order, without additional lines. A person may be an oval or pear-shaped.

Pear and triangle

Schedule bend your dwarf body. To draw a curved line of which intersects the vertical axis at several locations. Mark up the line. Note dwarf growth, the height of the cap, the size of the face, beard length, waist, knees, feet. Draw facial contours - such as pears, but not with the concave and the convex bottom piece. On his head gnome triangular hat.

Note that the cap covers the entire upper part of the face, the edge of her vision, and on the other side, what's next from the viewer.

The torso, arms and legs

Draw the torso with arms and legs. This is a curved oval, long axis - drawn you almost vertical curve. Draw a beard - a solid triangular patch or individual uneven strands. The sides of the triangle slightly bend, and chamfer the top. Beard and seen from the side that is closer to you, and the opposite. It comes down to the waist, and even slightly lower - from under it is only visible to the edge of his shirt.
Hands Gnome can be folded on his stomach. Then they will be bent at the elbows. Draw interlaced fingers - hands round, and the fingers are oval in shape. Dwarf legs are thick and short. Each leg - it's just two almost parallel vertical lines, slightly curved in the middle. Your hero - a very large oval feet. However, dwarves are sometimes regular boots or shoes with medieval turned-up noses.


In gnome - big bulbous nose. Nothing that a potato turns rough, it's the way it should be. Eyes - two vertical oval, inside of which - around the iris and the round pupil. Make sure that both eyes at the same point. Above the eyes - highly arched eyebrows raised. They can draw a thin arcs, and that eyebrow that is farther away from the viewer, will be only partially visible. But eyebrows can be very thick, then you need to outline their contours, and then circle the zigzag lines.
Dwarf smiling, his mouth curved, and from the corners are funny lines. Drawing will be more expressive if your character is something to hold in their hands - a bouquet of flowers or a cake.

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