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How to draw a Furby

How to draw a Furby

Furby - cute intellectual toy that can change the nature and learn. She won the hearts of children around the world.

And now most of them want to know how to draw a Furby.



To learn how to draw animal Furby stages, prepare a paper, a pencil, an eraser and colored markers.


In the middle of the sheet, draw a large circle, slightlynarrowing in its upper part. Get the basics of drawing should resemble egg shape. Divide slightly curved vertical line circle. To choose a place for separating the strip, visually divide the circle into three parts, otchertite one-third from the top of Furby.


On the dividing line are two largeround eyes, highlight the pupils and eyelids. You can picture instead of the standard of pupils hearts, birds, stars, fire, or bombs, because your Furby so often changes its character, and therefore the shape of the pupil. Do not forget to place right under the eyes half-open beak.


To draw the outline of Furby toys rascherchivayte pencil along the drawn outline small curls, mimicking wool toys. Similarly, paint over the fur around the calf animal.


Draw Furby two large pointed ear. And at the bottom, add a little paws.


Finish your incremental image, adding topicture of bright colors. The animal can be, not only monotonous, but also multi-colored. You can draw Furby your dreams, and not only those colors that are sold in stores.

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