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How to draw fruit


How to draw fruit</a>

Still lifes have long been considered a classic painting genre, which still does not lose popularity.

Many beginning artists try their hand at still life? They allow to develop art skills well, creating pictures based on beautiful compositions from nature.

In this article, you will learn how to draw a bright fruit still life with pastels.



To draw a still life, prepare a soft pastel in different colors, one black hard pastel chalk, and a special pastel paper of a uniform shade? For example, beige.


Begin drawing a still life from the outline orSketch. Looking at the composition in nature, try to transfer its outlines to paper using a black pastel crayon. Do strokes light and unobtrusive, just to inflict the main features of the drawing.


The side part of the yellow pastel fruit Warm color scheme. For example, this background should be applied to red apples, oranges, lemons, mandarins, bananas, and others. fruit The same colors. Fruits of cold shades (grapes, plums) color later.


Detail the bends of fruit using the same background yellow pastel, applying lines with its hard tip. Begin drawing the primary colors and highlights, which are needed for the effect of dimensionality of the picture.


Supplement the picture of each fruit with that color,Which prevails in it. Add an orange to orange strokes, a banana? Red, and banana and pear tree add a little green strokes. For an apple, use a light red pastel. In the area of ​​depressions and cuttings, make the colors darker and more saturated.


For all fruit Additionally apply dark tones by workingAnd chiaroscuro. Color the ocher and purple pastel dark areas on the fruit. Circle the contours of the grapes with the tip of the black pastel chalk. Separately darken those places on the fruit on which the shadow falls.


White pastel paint areas of highlights. Make the areas of glare on the fruit bright and noticeable, surrounded by a halo of a slightly lighter shade than the one that is present on the fruit as a whole. The side of the pastel chalk will help you here.


Detail the contours of the fruit, then add shadows and background surfaces.

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