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How to draw a flag of Russia

How to draw a flag of Russia

Each state has its own flag, whose colors and images on it are of great symbolic significance.

If you are a patriot of his country, then surely at least once in life you wondered how to paint Russian flag in stages.



To draw a Russian flag, cooka simple pencil, markers or paint red and blue paper. If the flag you're going to portray on the flagpole, you will also need a brown or black color.


Draw a rectangle on a sheet of paper with an aspect ratio of 2 to 3. That is, if you spend a vertical line, for example, 10 cm, the horizontal side of the flag will have to be 15 cm.


Divide pencil rectangle into 3 equal parts by vertical lines. Doris the left side of the flagpole pictures - stick, which keeps the flag.


The upper band of the figure, leave unpainted,as it should be white. Despite the fact that there is no official interpretation of the colors of the Russian flag, this color is interpreted as a symbol of generosity and openness.


Central line of paint over a deep blue color. It will mean faithfulness, purity and perfection.


The lower part of the flag make bright red as a symbol of courage, love, generosity and courage.


Decorate flagpole color you want.


If you want to paint Russian flag writhing in the wind, make a rectangle wavy horizontal line, and give a slight tilt of the Russian flag.

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