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How to Draw Fantastic Comic Heroes


How to Draw Fantastic Comic Heroes</a>

Fantastic comic book heroes invented a huge variety. Let's choose one of the heroes - Batman, man-bat.

Unlike all superheroes, he did not possess any fantastic abilities, but relied on his developed strength, flair, and intelligence.

Drawing it is not difficult, follow the steps in order.

You will need

  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, colored pencils, markers or paints.



Place a sheet of paper vertically. Using a pencil with light strokes, we sketch a silhouette of the figure. Mark the head, with a large circle mark the muscular torso, the pelvis. Mark the lines of the arms and legs, in small circles designate the brushes and feet of the hero, inflated calves on the legs. Mark the middle of the face and the line of the eyes to make it easier to draw a face. Label the border of the Betman's raincoat. It turned out the preparation of a superhero. In principle with the help of it you can draw many other characters.


Begin to draw the shape. Start with the head, draw its famous "horns", mark the border of the mask, which ends near the nose. Draw small slanting eyes. Note that the hero has practically no neck, the straight line goes over the shoulders. Mark the beginning of the hero's cloak and his muscles on his hands.


Next, go to the character's torso. Draw him the biceps, mark the lines of the muscles of the chest, the press, the borders of the gloves. Draw the superhero strap on the narrow waist, continue to draw the legs.


Now draw the inflated calves withAuxiliary wheels, blunt-nosed boots with a high bootleg. Notice, one leg in the figure is in profile, the other is front, that is, facing you. Do not forget to indicate the hands on the thorns. Draw its cloak, its end make wavy, as if it develops in the wind.


The penultimate stage erases all auxiliary lines. Do not forget to draw his trademark emblem on his chest - a sign of a black bat</a> On a yellow background. Now you can execute a superhero in color. For brightness and clarity, you can draw a drawing with a thin black felt-tip pen. In work, use gray, black, blue (purple) and yellow. Use colors, colored pencils or markers. At will, think up and draw a background for the hero. Your Batman is ready!

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