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How to draw a fairy bird

How to draw a fairy bird

Firebird - is a character Russian folklore.

Figures this mythological bird is usually depicted full of dignity, beautiful and bright, with golden feathers, luxurious tail, sweeping wings and a tuft on the head.

So, try to draw a fairy bird.

To do this, prepare a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and, if desired, markers, paint or crayons.

How to Draw Firebird

In early bird draw drawing fairytaleestimated overall body shape and contour of her legs. For the initial contours of the feathered character, draw an oval for the torso, and triangles for future wings. fabulous bird tail can consist of figures of arbitrary shape. Also Draw the initial contours of the legs of the character, not to forget to portray them in the future.

Remember, this is only the initial contours, so at this point should not be definitively drawn parts. It is possible that later on you will need to fix them up a bit.

At the next stage start drawing bird wings. Initially, only the outline of the foundation should be. In the wings of birds - a kind hand. Knowing how a bird's wing is arranged, you can easily determine their location. Draw the wings like the branches on a tree, who look up. Then draw them to the curved contours of the feathers.
Now you can draw a fabulous bodybirds, but until then delete the original contour lines. Draw an elongated eye feathered character, as well as a small tuft of hair in the crown. On the body of the bird should be a lot of small feathers, they also need to paint.

Try to portray small feathers, like snake scales.

Then proceed to drawing the feathersFirebird. This is a laborious step. To your mythological character a realistic, it must draw all the effects, but because it is necessary to draw detailed feathers.
Go back to the drawing. The contour lines of the wings from the bottom picture a zigzag. Then, pull the long curved "leaves" of the previous bases of the wings. This will be the main fabulous bird feathers. Next, you need to draw the tail. To do this, from the previous zigzag draw curved lines to feathers, leaves.
Lines try to do with the same slope,except the lowermost lines which are closer to the body of the character. Show Firebird tail details begin a little later, but for now it will be like a snag, as it is required to divide into 3 parts. Fill these parts forms that resemble an orchid flowers.

Finishing touches

In order to fully paint a fabulous bird,Draw elongated ovals with a dark center in the middle. From them make strokes that must resemble human hair. Then shade the drawing of the character as a whole, as well as some parts of its wings.
That's all, drawing fabulous bird is ready. As you can see, it does not represent too easy. And if a picture Firebird paint with bright colors, it will be like a fire.

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