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How to draw a fairy

How to draw a fairy

With what feelings of joy and light of nostalgia, we sometimes revise their school pictures. Only Childhood is able to portray a world so bright and colorful.

However, all is not lost.

Try to paint your favorite fairy tale.

You will need

  • 1. landscape larch
  • 2. The simple pencil lastik-
  • 3. watercolor kraski-
  • 4. markers.



Decide with the tale. It should be loved, and her characters - colorful.


Take the album sheet and place it on the tablehorizontally or vertically. Draw a horizon line. Note the landscape, which will take place the action tale - Christmas trees, house, clouds in the sky, the sun. Note that the closer to the horizon, the smaller objects.


Pencils, draw the contours of the mainHeroes (such as Ivan Tsarevich Vasilisa the Beautiful, Puss in Boots). You can also draw objects that are relevant to your fairy tale - a mirror, a magic wand, the turnip.


Take water colors and paint the landscapeyour tale. Heaven and earth cover an even color. To do this, use a large brush or a piece of cotton wool which need to dip into the water first, and then in the right paint.


Take a brush and paint thinner protagonists. The more colors, the more interesting figure. Colors can be mixed together using a palette.


Felt-tip pens Draw small parts - eyesheroes, arms, ruffles on the dress. In order to give clarity and completeness you can completely circle the markers heroes. Your pattern is ready, do not forget to sign and keep as a souvenir.

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