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How to draw a fairy tale


How to draw a fairy tale</a>

With what feelings of joy and easy nostalgia, we sometimes review our school drawings. Only childhood can represent the world so bright and colorful.

However, not everything is lost.

Try to draw your favorite fairy tale.

You will need

  • 1. album sheet-
  • 2. a simple pencil, an eraser-
  • 3. Watercolor paints-
  • 4. markers.



Decide on a fairy tale. She should be loved, and her characters - colorful.


Take the album sheet and place it on the tableHorizontally or vertically. Draw a horizon line. Note the landscape in which the action of the fairy tale will occur - the Christmas tree, the house, the clouds in the sky, the sun. Keep in mind that the closer to the horizon, the smaller the objects.


Draw a simple pencil outlines of the mainHeroes (for example, Ivan Tsarevich, Vasilisa the Beautiful, the Cat in boots). You can also draw items that matter to your tale - a mirror, a magic wand, a turnip.


Take a watercolor paint and paint the landscapeYour fairy tale. Heaven and earth, cover with an even color. To do this, use a large brush or a piece of cotton wool, which must be dipped first in water, and then in the right paint.


Take a brush thinner and color the main characters. The more colors, the more interesting the picture. Paints can be mixed together using a palette.


Markers draw small details - the eyesHeroes, hands, frills on the dress. To give clarity and completeness, you can completely encircle the characters with felt-tip pens. Your drawing is ready, do not forget to sign it and save it for memory.

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