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How to draw a face

How to draw a face

The hardest part of drawing the person - the person. Many emotions, petty differences and features of the artists are constantly forced to seek new ways to display.

However, the usual draw, without any artistic techniques a person under force, even for beginners.



First, set the shape. Remember that the head is not a sphere. Rather, it is a cone with an offset angle. Therefore, the review front, it resembles an oval.

The form


Make a quick sketch. Note the location of the eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, nose, lips and hair. Not the fact that in the final version of all this will continue, but a similar outline to help you quickly determine the facial features.



Identify the main color. Then take the lighter and darker colors for the main distribution of light and shade. Also prepare additional colors that are sure to be useful in the process of drawing. Large brush paint the face first base color and then add the desired shades of darkening and lightening.

First step


Take a smaller brush and continue to apply the finishing touches. Set the correct shape of the face image and detail.

The second step


Draw the lips. Proceed in the same way as before: first paint the base color and then add additional shades. Remember that the lower lip should be slightly longer than the upper. Add the shadows in the corners of the mouth. Then draw the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. Pupils do not have to be white. Take a light gray shading and follow the center. Eyelashes and eyebrows - a large number of small lines of different shades.

lips, eyes and eyelashes.


The face is almost ready, but in order to achieve a betterthe effect of adding hair. So figure will look more harmonious. With the help of a large brush to draw the main strands, and then gradually reducing the size and changing the colors run up to the level of individual hairs. This will allow the hair to look more natural.



Work with light. Determine its direction and lighten some areas of the face. Remember that fine hair, so more are exposed to light. Then dim shady areas. Pick a color and apply the shadow of the second level. At the end, add a little extra color to add life drawing.


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