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How to draw a drop of a pencil

A drop on a leaf looks like a ball

A drop of blood on the icon of the donor, the drops of rain that fell in the water, a drop that is about to fall through with a tap - they all have about the same shape.

To draw a drop, it is necessary first to see how it looks.

We start with an oval

Drop until she fell to the ground or into the water,It has a special form, called a teardrop. If we try to present it in the form of geometric shapes, then it looks like a ball, which is put on the cone. Start drawing a vertical line. The sheet thus can be put as you want. Direct divide into 2 approximately equal parts. This is the "skeleton" of your droplets.

The ratio depends on the density portions substance. The density of the more - the more the ball.

The circle and triangle

At the bottom of the draw a circle. Form it can be a bit irregular, but if possible, try to draw a circle equally. From the highest point at an angle bring 2 identical to their direct touch with the circle. Landing must be symmetrical. Here you have and get the contours of the drop.

If the drop is at an angle, it will be asymmetric. That's how often paint drops on posters.

pass the form

Drop - surround the object. To give it shape, you just need to spend a few lines parallel circuits. For example, a pair of lines to the right one - at the bottom, one short - on the left. Below, you can draw one or two small oval. Figure prepared. If you're going to paint a drop so that she looked volume, leave a small white speck of irregular shape in the center of the ball. Paths touches make thicker.

Saucer, lake, swamp

Note how the drop looks like when sheIt falls into the water. It loses its cone-shaped "tail" and is converted first into a ball, and then into a pancake, which differ from concentric circles. Circles, when viewed at an angle, seem ovals. Drop the on asphalt or a piece of paper - it's just a blob of arbitrary shape. Its even draw especially do not need, enough to hold a pencil closed curve and paint it.

What has the same shape?

The ability to draw a drop of it is very important, because it isthis form have a variety of subjects, as well as individual body parts of animals and birds. For example, on a drop very much like the head of a stork or heron chick trunk, the leaves of some plants, and more. To consolidate the ability to draw a few objects of similar shape. By the way, if you want to draw a drop no pencil and paint, to make it even easier. No trace the contours do not need. Enough to take a broad, soft brush (squirrel or weasel), dip it in paint and applied to a sheet of paper. No need to press hard, but the soft part of the brush must all lie on the sheet.

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