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How to draw a drop in pencil


The drop on the sheet looks like a ball</a>

A drop of blood on a donor badge, a rain falling in the water, a drop that is about to break off the tap - they all have roughly the same shape.

To draw a drop, you must first imagine what it looks like.

Starting with an oval

A drop, until it fell to the ground or into the water,Has a special form, which is called drop-shaped. If you try to imagine it in the form of geometric bodies, it looks like a ball, on which a cone is put on. Start drawing with a straight line. The sheet can be put as you like. Directly divide by 2 approximately the same parts. This is the "skeleton" of your droplet.

The ratio of parts depends on the density of matter. The higher the density, the larger the ball will be.

Circle and Triangle

At the bottom, draw a circle. Its shape can be a little wrong, but try to draw a circle as much as possible. From the highest point, bring the same straight lines at an angle of 2 before touching them with a circle. The lines must be symmetrical. Here you have the contours of a drop.

If the drop falls at an angle, it will be asymmetric. This is the way most often draw drops on posters.

Transfer form

A drop is a three-dimensional object. To transfer its shape, you just need to draw several lines parallel to the contours. For example, a pair of lines on the right, one at the bottom, one short at the left. At the bottom, you can draw one or two small ovals. The drawing is ready. If you are going to paint the drop so that it looks bulky, leave a small white spot of irregular shape in the center of the ball. Do contours make the strokes thicker.

Saucer, lake, swamp

Notice how the drop looks when itFalls into the water. She loses her cone-shaped "tail" and turns first into a ball, then into a cake, from which concentric circles diverge. Circles, if you look at them at an angle, seem to be ovals. A drop on the pavement or a sheet of paper is just a blob of arbitrary shape. It's not even necessary to draw it, just draw a closed curve with a pencil and paint over it.

What has the same form?

The ability to draw a drop is very important, becauseThis form has a variety of objects, as well as individual parts of the body of animals and birds. For example, a drop of a head of a stork or heron, a chick's trunk, leaves of some plants and much more is very similar to a drop. To fix the skill, draw a few objects of similar shape. By the way, if you want to draw a drop not with a pencil, but with paints, it's even easier. No contours need to be traced. It is enough to take a broad soft brush (squirrel or coloque), dab it in paint and attach it to a sheet of paper. You do not need to press hard, but the soft part of the brush should lie entirely on the sheet.

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