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How to draw a dog in stages

How to draw a dog in stages

Many dog ​​lovers want to draw your pet. However, realistically portray the animal is not so easy.

If you are not a professional artist, you just follow the simple steps below, gradually adding new details.



Draw the basic contours. Figure dog is best done across the width of the sheet. So it will be easier to depict small details. Moreover, large picture almost always looks spectacular. Spend a diagonal line. It will lead straight. Do not press hard on the pencil, as this line will have to be washed. Next, draw a line on the three circles. The top should have the smallest diameter. This will be the dog's head.


Start drawing paws. Apply markup joints. Draw the bottom of the three legs. The fourth will not be visible because of the perspective. Add an additional circle near the head of a dog muzzle. It is important to accurately position these contours. Otherwise, the final figure will curves.


Draw the general outline of the dog. Connect the lines of the body, legs and head. Be extremely careful. All dogs drawing will be affected by this step. Better after the completion of this step, to move away from the sheet of paper for a few minutes, and then look again and make changes. You also need to add a right-eye dog.


Remove the extra line. All auxiliary circuits must be removed. Draw a second dog eyes. It should be on the same level as that of the first. Then, a little below, draw the dog's nose. Spend a small vertical bar, and then picture the line of his mouth. Do not forget the ears and nose.


Add details. They will give your drawing realistic. For example, draw a bulging fur and spots on the wool. Refine your eyes, nose and ears. It is also necessary to draw claws on its feet.


Decorate the dog. Perhaps this is the easiest and most interesting step. For the main fur use weak pencil pressure. For stains it is necessary to increase, reaching almost black. In the end, apply shadows and highlights. You can add any background.

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