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How to draw a dinosaur


How to draw a dinosaur</a>

Many of us in the childhood were fans of huge prehistoric lizards.

A special thrill was caused by the tyrannosaur Rex, one of the largest predators that existed on our planet.

Its something you will learn today and draw.

You will need

  • Pencil, paper.



The first step is the most important, because it willDepend on what will happen in the end. It consists in finding the necessary forms and outline the common posture of the future dinosaur. About any accuracy here you should not even think, just by free easy movements try to throw in what you imagine in your head. Be braver, look for shapes and lines that you want to admire.

How to draw a dinosaur


Now the resulting "frame" should be revived. Draw all parts of the body where they should be placed. You can change something if it seems to you that this perception of the picture will change for the better. Experiment, look for ideas.

How to draw a dinosaur


The final stage. Remove the original sketch and add small details that will accentuate the musculature of the dinosaur and give dynamics to its movement.

How to draw a dinosaur

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