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How to draw a diamond

How to draw a diamond

Diamond - diamond is treated with a special method, which highlights the brilliance and beauty of the stone. On the splendor of diamonds all know, at least heard.

How to draw a diamond on paper, transferring all its beauty and radiance?

You will need

  • - Landscape larch
  • - karandash-
  • - lastik-
  • - Paint.



Draw the outline of the diamond. To do this, just below the middle of the sheet draw a horizontal line. From her left border point draw another line in such a way as to form an internal angle was a little more than 90 ?.


Now connect the free ends of the line segments- Get the inverted triangle. A short distance from the base of the triangle is drawn parallel to the segment, the length of which should be slightly less than the length of the figure. Connect the end points of the segment and the base figure straight strokes.


Draw the faces of the diamond. Inverted triangle divide into three equal parts - from the top to the bottom draw a line. The side faces again bisected by lines parallel to the outer walls of the large triangle.


The middle part is bisected by the segment alreadyparallel to the base of the triangle. The portion located closer to the ground, beat chaotically quadrangles about the same size, which should be positioned vertically with respect to the divisible parts.


Divide on the edge of the upper part of the diamond. Determine the midpoint of the large base of the triangle. This point will be the vertex of the right angle formed by two lines near the top of the stone. Each boundary point angle side will be the top has the following angles, etc. Now conditionally divide all the angles, more precisely angled triangles on geometric shapes with corners. Place them in a chaotic manner.


Razrisuy diamond. First, a piece of foam soaked in a light blue paint, do a general background of the stone. Then, the lower half of the middle of the triangle darken - walk, diluted with water in blue paint. Sketch bright white wide line through the top half of an average face.


The upper part of the diamond make lighter. Among white sketches highlight clearly the boundaries of the figures pale blue shades. Dark paint walk around the base of the triangle and draw some spots where small - small figures.
Diamond ready.

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