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How to draw a dark palms on nails

How to draw a dark palms on nails

Did you miss the summer?

And what if to portray him on the nails. Beautiful manicure with palm trees in the background stars can be done in just a few minutes.

And it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon.

You will need

  • -base Polish
  • -Pilochka
  • -Raznotsvetnye varnishes
  • -Zakrepitel
  • -Dots Or toothpick



Clean the nails from the old nail polish. If necessary, use a nail file. Cover the base of the nails for manicure and allow it to dry thoroughly. Open all varnishes and choose bright blue color. Cover them evenly nail.


Wait for the complete drying of the layer of step 1 and then with the help of sufficient or toothpick, draw a couple of your future trunks of palm trees with black lacquer.


Dark blue or black lacquer add foliageyour palms. Note that the leaves should be in the form of a curved rectangle. Use smooth lines to create the effect of the wind blow.


Dry your nails completely. Cover the layer of lacquer are solid glitter of any color.


Finish your manicure nail coating of water-repellent base (fixer). Wait until it is completely dry. Your manicure with palm trees ready.

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