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How to draw a cylinder

How to Draw a cylinder

In art schools often draw geometric shapes, then to make it easier to create the usual household items. Because all of them are drawn from the basic volume bodies.

Draw the cylinder easy.

You will need

  • a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser.



Place a sheet of paper vertically. With a simple pencil sketch start to perform. Draw a vertical line. Above and below the limit of its horizontal line. Check that the distance from one end of the horizontal line from the center is equal to the distance from the other end. To measure, use a pencil. Using it, first measure the distance from one edge to the middle, then put it away from the center to the other end and make a notch in pencil. Also check and the lower horizontal line.


Mark the boundary of the lower and upper base. For this purpose, the base of the center line to make a notch (a). The width of the lower base (with) a little more than the upper (b) - is the law of perspective.


Draw the upper and the lower base of the fourpoints of ovals. If the line turns rough - not in a hurry to wash her eraser, do a cascade of light strokes, ensuring accuracy, only then corrects eraser.


Now, through the hatch should be given cylindervolume. To start select a dividing strip, where you will be light, shade and partial shade. Note the order in which they were distributed in the figure. Apply a test, the first hatch. The line of light (see picture) is surrounded by a penumbra lines. The top of the cylinder by a light - light zone.


Generate hatch. It is best to do it in the form of figures, rounded strokes. The transitions from light to shade and partial shade is not clear, it is a smooth transition. To achieve this effect, you can use pressure to force a pencil and a piece of eraser hatch. Select the eraser on a vertical area light flare. Make shading background. To the cylinder looked favorably, background light in the area of ​​the zone make darker. Draw a horizontal line plane for the cylinder. The vertical plane more often darker than the horizontal. All depends on the light source. The cylinder is ready.

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