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How to Draw a Cylinder


How to Draw a Cylinder</a>

In art schools, they often draw geometric figures, so that later it would be easier to create ordinary everyday objects. Because they are all drawn from the basic voluminous bodies.

It is not difficult to draw a cylinder.

You will need

  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser.



Place a sheet of paper vertically. With a simple pencil, start sketching. Draw a vertical line. Top and bottom limit it with a horizontal line. Verify that the distance from one edge of the horizontal line to the center is equal to the distance from the other edge. Use a pencil to measure. With it, measure first one distance from edge to middle, then set this distance from the center to the other edge and make a notch in pencil. Also check the bottom horizontal line.


Mark the boundaries of the lower and upper bases. For this, from the center of the base, make a notch on the line (a). The width of the lower base (c) is slightly larger than the top (b) - here the law of perspective operates.


Draw the top and bottom of the bottom fourPoints, in the form of two ovals. If the line turns out uneven - do not rush to erase it with an eraser, make a cascade of light strokes, achieving accuracy, only then correct with an eraser.


Now by hatching, you need to give the cylinderVolume. First, indicate the dividing lines, where you will have light, shadow and partial shade. Notice in what order they are distributed in the figure. Apply a trial, first shading. The line of light (see figure) is surrounded by lines of partial shade. The top of the cylinder is left light - a zone of light.


Make the shading. It is best to do it in the shape of a figure, with rounded strokes. Transitions from light to partial shade and shadow are not explicit, these are smooth transitions. To achieve this effect, you can use the force of pressing the pencil and hatching a piece of eraser. Select the vertical highlight on the light zone with the eraser. Make background hatching. To make the cylinder look good, make the background in the area of ​​the light zone darker. Draw a horizontal line of the plane behind the cylinder. The vertical plane is often darker than the horizontal plane. Everything depends on the light source. The cylinder is ready.

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