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How to draw a cuckoo

How to draw a cuckoo

Cuckoo related to many superstitions.

This is not very conspicuous bird people ask different questions and the number of its responses try to guess their fate.

Voiced her voice heard by all, but consider this bird does not happen to everyone.

Therefore, before you begin drawing, get a suitable picture, but rather a few.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - karandash-
  • - watercolor paints-
  • - Pictures Cuckoo.



Look at the picture and try to determineratio. We cuckoo rather long oval body and a relatively small head. The height of the head is approximately 1/8 of the body. She has a pretty long tail, it is a strip with a pointed or rounded bottom edge. Its length is almost equal to body length.


Paper position arbitrarily. The quality of the paper depends on what you are going to draw a cuckoo. For special textured watercolor "watercolor paper" approach most or the reverse side of the wallpaper. Pencil easier to draw on the normal drawing paper. As a guide, draw, for example, a twig, on which sits a cuckoo. It can not yet be drawn, and simply apply a light line.


Determine the proportions of the body. Length greater than the width of about 2 times. The body is more reminiscent of an egg, the acute part of which is directed downwards. Draw a thin oval pencil. If you already have a branch, think about what position in relation to it is the bird's body. If the cuckoo sitting in front of the viewer, branch extends perpendicularly to the axis of the oval or at a slight angle to it. But a bird can sit down and sideways, then draw an oval on the sprig.


Draw a circle, so that it touched the toppart of the oval. Mentally draw a horizontal diameter and connect it with the ends of the oval. neck lines turn out almost straight. Draw the beak in the form of long-angled triangle. Near the beak color, draw a round eye.


Approximately from the middle of the back slide down the linetail. It is approximately equal to the size of the trunk. Approximately from the middle of the oval axis slide down another line, it should be slightly at odds with the first. Finish it on the same level. Connect the ends of lines or arc angle.


From the same point back from where you startedTail paint, draw a line at an obtuse angle to the axis of the oval. Finish it just above the upper line of the tail. From the place where the circle touches the oval head, begin to conduct down-arc, repeating the line of the body. Bring her to the intersection with the tail. Connect this point with the upper edge straight line wing. Draw a bird's feet.


Paint the cuckoo. It is a motley, so make sure you fill your head and torso bright paint, and the tail and wings are made darker. Then, a fine brush spend a lot of wavy dark lines across the bird body. On the wings and tail fine longitudinal dashes indicate feathers.

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