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How to draw a wind rose


Wind rose is a circular vector diagram that reflects the frequency of the wind in different directions over a period of time.

A rose of winds is usually built according to average long-term data for the year, season, month.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - a pencil or pen-
  • - "weather calendar".



In order to draw the rose itself Winds, You will need data on the daily directionWind for a certain time. For example, you can observe the weather for one month, recording daily the wind direction data in the Weather Calendar.


Draw on the sheet of paper overlapping lines(On the principle of a coordinate system), which will denote the main sides of the world, otherwise they are also called the rumbles of the horizon, (north-south, west-east). Then pass through the center two more lines (north-west, south-west, northeast, southeast). In total, you should get eight directions (rhumbs). Sign their names on your drawing (С-10- З-В-С-З-С-В- Ю-З- Ю-В).


Using the "Weather Calendar" data, for eachDirection from the center to the side where the wind is blowing, mark in the scale the number of days during which the wind of a certain direction prevailed. You can choose any convenient scale, for example, take 1 day for 0.5 cm. If, for example, the wind of the south-western direction was blowing during a month of 5 days, then it is necessary to postpone the center of the graph along a line that is directed to the southwest 2.5 cm and make a mark.


In the same way, make notes Winds In each of the eight directions.


Connect the resulting marks in straight lines. In the center of the rose Winds Or next to it, indicate the number of days with windless weather.


By the rays of the rose Winds You can draw a conclusion about the prevailing winds in your locality for a month.

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