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How to draw a wind rose

How to draw a wind rose

Wind rose - a circular vector diagram, which is reflected in different wind directions repeatability for a certain period of time.

Constructed wind rose usually mean long-term data for the year, season, month.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - Pencil or ruchka-
  • - "Weather calendar."



In order to draw a rose windsYou need data on the daily directionwind for some time. For example, you can watch the weather for one month, daily recording data on wind direction in the "Weather Report".


Draw on a piece of paper intersecting lines(On the basis of the coordinate system), which will be denoted by the main directions of the world, otherwise they are called rumba horizon (north-south, east-west). Then swipe through the center of two more lines (north-west, south-west, north-east, south-east). In total you should have eight directions (compass points). Sign their name on your drawing (C Yu- s- s- B-C-C-B-U s- U-V).


Using data "Weather Calendar" for eachfrom the center to the side where the wind blows, check to scale the number of days during which the prevailing wind direction specified. You can choose any convenient scale, for example, 1 day, taken as 0.5 cm. If, for example, wind south-west direction was blowing during the month of 5 days, it is necessary to schedule the center of the line, which is aimed at the south-west, to postpone 2.5 cm and make a mark.


Likewise, make a mark winds for each of eight directions.


These marks are serially connected by straight lines. In the center of Roses winds or adjacent to state the number of days of windless weather.


By Rose rays winds you can draw a conclusion about the prevailing winds in your area in the past month.

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