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How to draw a circle with a dot, without lifting the pencil

How to draw a circle with a dot, without lifting the pencil

The forums for the purpose of trolling often asks the question of how to draw a circle with a dot, without taking with pencil on paper.

In fact, this problem has many solutions.

Most of them are based on the problem formulation malfunctioning.



The problem does not specify exactly where the point is to be located. Draw it right on the circle, not inside it - and formally implemented the decision.


Try inaccuracy interminology. In the condition, the term "circle", and not "the circle." Unlike a circle, the circle is solid. Draw it and then put inside the bullet. This can be done without lifting the pencil from the paper.


It not mentioned in the problem of whether it is possibleuse second pencil. Also, it did not specify how many pencils can not be separated from the paper. Draw a point inside the circle a second pencil, keeping the paper first.


Conditions objectives and does not contain information about thewhether to connect to the circumference point of the line inside it. If we assume that the application of such a line is not prohibited, draw a circle, and then, without lifting the pencil from the paper, draw a line inside it, and then draw a point. Moreover, since the condition is not said whether the point have to be inside the circle, try to draw it out.


As this formalist, to solve this problemyou can. Because the condition is said about the pencil, not pen, markers, push the pencil to the paper and then, without lifting it, draw another circle drawing tool and a point inside it.


The condition does not say how much of the pencilcan not be separated from the paper. Push to the sheet (the same or another - in condition and there is no mention in this regard) the opposite side of the pencil, and pencil and draw a circle with a point margin.


Draw a circle compass. The point at its center will itself. Since the compass includes in its membership a pencil formally challenge will be regarded as solved.


Finally, the most elegant way to solvethis problem is the following. Draw a circle, and then fold the corner of the paper with a pencil without lifting it, so that the pencil touched the paper from the back side in the center of the circle. Then pierce the paper pencil.


In the case of forum trolls will tell you inan answer that none of the proposed methods for solving the problem is not the best, bring your counterargument. It is this: it is impossible to solve the problem at all, because after a circle with a dot is drawn (regardless of exactly how), pencil on paper have yet to tear, and the condition of the problem is prohibited. Do not stick it well. But it is better to recall the famous advice: "Do not feed the trolls".

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