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How to draw a Christmas star

How to draw a Christmas star

Instructions about the appearance of stars in the nightNativity shepherds who pointed the way to the Christ Child, the authors of the Gospel narratives have left, so there are several different traditions in its image.

Bethlehem eight-pointed, six-pointed Star of David, "tailed" comet-star - all of these options have the right to exist. An interesting option is the "Moravian Star."

The tradition of this image Christmas star was born in the German Christians and the Czech Republic.

It is not hard to draw with a ruler.

You will need

  • - Drawing paper (or you can use the millimeter paper in a cell) -
  • - karandash-
  • - lineyka-
  • - kraski-
  • - Brush.



Draw in the center of the sheet square with the side,equal to 1 cm. In order to make it easier to navigate the "Moravian Star," a drawing, use the graph paper or a sheet of paper into the cell.


On each side of the square, draw onisosceles triangle. Thus, the sides of the square will be the bases of the four triangles. The sides of each triangle are equal to 3 cm. You should get a figure in the shape of a star with four rays.


Draw a rhombus with the same center as that of the square. In other words, "turn" around the center of the square by 45 degrees. Using the side of the rhombus as a reason, as well, draw four triangular beam, but with a side of 2 cm You get a star with eight ends -. Four longer and four - shorter.


Now, between each pair of adjacent points of the starDraw two small prongs. To do this, you need to extend each of the sides of the square and diamond-shaped on both sides by 12 mm and then all of the plotted line segments to hold in the center of the star.


Gently erase eraser contours of the square and the rhombus in the center of the drawing. Before you - like a picture frame "Moravian Star."


To draw a bigger star, is proportional to the increase given in this instruction sizes. Great Moravian star can be interesting to paint.


Since the very popular Christmas (and notOnly) interior decoration are "Moravian Star" made of glass or crystal, you can give your star ice texture: paint the rays of white gouache and not directly on the surface of the dried ink drawing of blue or turquoise (blue-green) paint circle contours rays. Slightly blend the boundaries of the two colors, but the contours of each ray of the star should be quite clear.


Very unusual and stylish looks"Moravian Star", decorated with ornaments. Each ray of the Christmas Star razrisuy colored stripes, peas, uncomplicated stylized flowers or any other pattern.

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