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How to draw a caterpillar


How to draw a caterpillar</a>

Many insects are difficult to draw because of the large number of small and varied details. But the caterpillar is not one of them.

The image of this animal is easy to make up of simple repetitive details.

You will need

  • - a pencil-
  • - paper-
  • - stitch-
  • - paints.



To depict the body of a caterpillar can be severalWays. For the first variant, you need to compose a zigzag line from thirteen identical straight lines. The angles between the dashes should not be too sharp. Around the vertices of the corners draw circles. Their size should be relatively small, but sufficient, so that adjacent circles are slightly in contact with each other.


The second method begins with the drawing of severalLetters "M", aligned in a single line so that the lower extremities of neighboring letters are connected. Draw parallel to the second row of letters "M" below the first, but in a mirror image. At the beginning and end of the resulting figure, draw one circle.


The first two variants of drawing the body of the caterpillar are suitable for children's creativity or for depicting a character in the cartoon style. The third method allows you to draw Caterpillar, Close to the natural form. Draw two slightly curved horizontal lines. The ends of the figure are rounded.


Divide the body of the caterpillar wavyPerpendicular lines that should not extend beyond the body. Make about twelve similar lines. They will designate creases on the caterpillar. The edges of all the folding lines are slightly rounded in one direction. Try to avoid rigid and straight lines in the formation of the body of the caterpillar, since this type of insect is characterized by smooth forms.


If you draw Caterpillar As a biological object, pay attentionStudying the structure of the head of an insect. Draw a small round head capsule with two mandibles. The capsule resembles two apple seeds, connected together. Put a few small eyes on the head.


Drawing Caterpillar As a character, you can give vent to fantasy. Draw large eyes, similar to human. Under them, draw an arc. If the extreme points of the arc look up, then you will have a smiling caterpillar, if downwards - sad. Then draw the eyebrows above the eyes. They will give the character extra expressiveness.


Finish drawing by adding legs with the bottomThe sides of the body. You can draw legs in the form of triangles under each protruding segment of the body of the caterpillar. Or draw three triangular legs at the front end. Then mark in the middle of the body four more legs and one under the tail.

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