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How to draw a caterpillar

How to draw a caterpillar

Many insects draw difficult because many small parts variety. But the track is not one of them.

The image of this animal is easy to make from simple repetitive parts.

You will need

  • - karandash-
  • - bumaga-
  • - sterka-
  • - Paint.



Show the caterpillar's body in severalways. For the first option you have to make thirteen identical straight dashes zigzag line. The angles between the dashes should not be too sharp. Around the corner vertices to draw a circle. Their size should be relatively small, but sufficient to neighboring circles lightly touch each other.


The second method begins with several vectorizationletter "M", arranged in a line so that the lower end points of adjacent letters were connected. Draw a parallel to the second row of the letters "M" below the first, but in mirror image. At the beginning and end of the resulting figure, draw one circle.


The first two options the body drawing the tracks are suitable for children's creativity, or to the image of the character in the cartoon style. The third method allows you to draw caterpillar, Approximate to the natural mind. Spend two slightly curved horizontal lines. Ends round off the figures.


Divide the caterpillar body wavyperpendicular lines, which should not go beyond the body. Make about a dozen such lines. They will mark the folds on the caterpillar. The edges of all pooled lines round off a little to one side. Avoid hard and straight lines in the formation of the caterpillar body, as this type of insect characterized by flowing forms.


If you draw caterpillar as a biological object, pay attentionthe study of the structure of an insect's head. Draw a small rounded head capsule with two mandibles. The capsule resembles two apple seeds joined together. At the head put a few small holes.


Picturing caterpillar as a character, you can unleash the imagination. Draw a big eyes, similar to the human. Beneath them draw an arc. If the endpoints of the arc facing up, then you get a smiling gusenitsa- if down - sad. Then draw the eyebrows above the eyes. They will give a more expressive character.


Finish the drawing by adding legs to the bottombody side. You can paint the legs in the form of triangles under each protruding segment of the caterpillar's body. Or paint on the front end of three triangular legs. Then mark the middle of the body has four legs and one under the tail.

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