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How to draw a cat Simon?

How to draw a cat Simon?

Simon's Cat - a cartoon character.

The creator of the eponymous animated series drew this character, peeping for your pets.

Playful and ever hungry cat is able to draw, and the one who first took up this job.

Simon's Cat: A few words about the cartoon hero

Cat Simon (Simon's Cat) - is a series of animated films, which established British animator Simon Tofield.
In each episode, the main character - a housecat -employs any tactic to master let him in, fed, I paid attention to him. The manners of this cartoon character is very much reminiscent of the behavior of these cats in real life, though in a somewhat grotesque form.

Cartoons about the cat Simon were created using Adobe Flash program.

In an interview with Your Cat ( «Your Cat") SimonTofield admitted that his three cats - Macy, Jesse and Hugh - give him the inspiration for the creation of cartoons, especially Hugh. In 2009, Simon's Cat was first published in book form. In November 2010 he published a second book in print "Simon's Cat by itself» (Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence), where the rowdy character goes towards new adventures, waiting for him outside the walls of the master's house.

Draw the cat Simon

It shows it is not difficult, because the cartoon characters do not have any difficult or fussy details. You will need to draw this fervent Simon's Cat:
- paper-
- Simple karandash-
- lastik-
- Paint, crayons or colored pencils to color the character.
The most convenient way to start the creation of the cat imageSimon's eyes. To do this, draw together the two circles, and then mark the pupils points. After that, just above the eyes, triangular ears swipe. Do not make them straight, it's better they will become slightly tilted, as if the cat pressed them to his head. After all, this character always gets into a variety of awkward situations.
How to draw a cat Simon, to result inHe turned believable and natural look? It is necessary to bring a pencil trunk and tail. Around the eyes, draw down the line, which will serve as the beginning of the front paws cat Simon. Then draw a second leg, make circular feline fingers. Let the character will be depicted in a sitting position on the ground and leans on his paw.

Next to the Simon's Cat paw can be drawn little butterfly bright.

Now you need to draw a smooth linecharacter back, making it quite convex. Then picture a rounded back foot and draw a fluffy tail. He should get more and bent. Then Doris small details: a small mouth with a smile, a tiny nose, plump belly. You can also draw a grass, flowers and designate the place where the sitting.
Simon's Cat becomes quite similar to the character of the same cartoon. Paint your cat, and he will be happy and alive.

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