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How to draw a cat and a dog


How to draw a cat and a dog</a>

A cat and a dog are eternal friends and enemies at the same time. They are able to get along together when the cat is in the hands of the landlady, and the dog next to the owner.

But what happens when no one is home?

Although there are also peaceful animals, well, at least pictured in the picture.

You will need

  • - album sheet
  • - pencil
  • - eraser



Make a pencil outline of animals. Place the cat on the left side of the picture, and the dog on the right.


Draw a cat. First, draw an oval, the lower part of which is narrowed. Above the top of the oval, draw a figure resembling a trapezoid. In the middle of the lower side, make a bump - the beard of the cat. The sides of the picture with small indentations, and the top side draw a little convex - the top of the cat.


Now in the narrowed parts of the oval, draw backPaws in the form of ovals arranged diagonally and diverging upper parts in different directions. Below them, attach one more oval shape. It will be the feet of the cat's hind tars. Between the hind legs represent small ovals of the front paws. Between them, draw a vertical line that extends to the middle of the trunk. This will be the separation of the front paws. Draw the claws in small strokes. Draw a tail that protrudes from behind.


Draw the details of the animal. Draw your eyes - two circles with cilia and black pupils with light reflections. Draw a nose - a small triangle, long mustaches - horizontal lines, mouth and ears on the vertex. Draw dentate lines of wool on the head, cheeks and tail.


Draw a dog. Draw a curved vertical line. On the top of the line and on the left side in the middle, draw two circles - the head and the breast of the dog. Attach to your head your nose - another circle, smoothly connected by lines. Draw the second line connecting the head and the breast of the animal. Figure ears resembling a folded thumb. Draw an eye with the pupil at the bottom. Attach the nose with a triangle with a smooth outline. Draw a smile. On the neck, attach a collar.


From the circle-trunk down, draw three verticalLines, symbolizing the front paws, located together. From the boundary point of the curved line of the back, draw two half-ovals - the rear bent paws. Attach the dog's tail. Add some wool with jagged lines. So the dog, looking away, is ready.

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