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How to draw a castle

how to draw a castle

Brave knights and beautiful princess lived in a beautiful and mysterious castles. Almost every fairy tale and cartoon there is great beauty home.

Often boys and girls want to learn how to draw a castle in stages, using a pencil and crayons.



To draw a castle, take a sheet of paper andSwipe from the top portion to the bottom of the future pictures straight vertical line. If you want to lock was more cartoonish, give it a slight tilt.


In the upper part of the sheet on the line draw the largest central tower top lock, and the rear, front and sides of any number of smaller towers.


Add another much-tops of triangles as you need. The more, the more volume you get the picture.


From the edges of each triangle draw a pencil line down the vertical. This will be the walls of your towers. Small castle turrets can grow a large center-like mushrooms on a tree trunk.


In front of the tower wall paint the door with a largelock. For it seems that it is made of solid wood. Draw on it vertical dividing lines. Add your door lock rigor to finish metal hinges and handle. Draw on each tower windows with a rounded tip. On the roofs of marked up flags.


So, you have got to draw a knight's castleor Princess through step by step instructions. Now you can cut around the pencil, pushing it more strongly, the shape of the resulting lock and paint it in bright colors or markers.


To draw a beautiful castle, do not forget to add the surrounding landscape. Around it can be the moat with a bridge, trees, and nearby - strolling princess or knight horse grazing.

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