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How to draw a cartoon villains

How to draw a cartoon villains

The cartoons are always two types of characters are present - good and bad.

Often the negative heroes have an indescribable charm.

What is the secret of the attraction, and how to draw a cartoon villains?

You will need

  • - Landscape larch
  • - karandash-
  • - lastik-
  • - Paint.



Decide who will be drawing - human,mythical creature or animal. Draw the part of the body in accordance with the general rules of the desired type of drawing. Invented heroes as the basis, take one or more types of borrowing for each individual part of the body and, starting from them, add their details - a lot of claws, or an extra pair of eyes, etc.


Draw a cartoon character detail. Since most of the cartoons are created for children, Draw villains more ridiculous, clumsy than malicious andtoo scary. The main distinctive part is the head and facial features. That expression is able to convey the character of the hero. Eyes draw blank, without pupils and paint them yellow. If it is a girl, the eyes draw a thick black border line.


Always picture the thick eyebrows, closingthe upper part of the eye. In one ear you can also add some decoration, for example, round earrings. Lips Draw a tightly closed, either with a grin when one side is visible outer teeth. Some teeth paint in metallic yellow or white colors. Add scars. Hair color also plays an important role - paint them in the dark, better black shade. To attach the hand fingernails.


Draw additional attributes cartoonvillain - unreal size weapons, ie ordinary objects - hammers, sticks, etc. Put it in the appropriate clothes - dark colors for men and bright animal patched.


Paint the cartoon character. On the painted image of a pencil, apply shaded areas throughout the body, including the face. Such an effect would be immediately associated with the negative.


Doris small servant in the same style of the main character.

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