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How to draw a cartoon villain


How to draw a cartoon villain</a>

In cartoons, there are always two types of characters - good and evil.

Often, negative characters have an indescribable appeal.

What is the secret of such attraction, and how to draw cartoon villains?

You will need

  • - album sheet-
  • - a pencil-
  • - eraser-
  • - paints.



Decide who will be drawing - a person,Mythical creature or animal. Draw body parts in accordance with the general drawing rules of the required type. Fictional heroes are based on one or more types, borrowing each individual parts of the body and, starting from them, add your own details - a lot of claws or an extra pair of eyes, etc.


Draw the details of the cartoon hero. Since cartoons are mostly created for children, Villains More ridiculous, clumsy than evil andToo frightening. The main distinguishing feature will be the head and facial features. It is the expression that can convey the character of the hero. Eyes draw empty, without pupils and paint them in yellow. If we are talking about a girl, then the borders of the eyes outline a fat black line.


Be sure to draw thick eyebrows that closeThe upper part of the eyes. In one ear, you can add some decoration, for example, a round earring. Lips represent either tightly closed, or with a grin, when one side of the extreme teeth is visible. Some teeth are painted in metallic yellow or white. Add scars. Hair color also plays an important role - paint them in a darker, better black shade of color. Attach the long nails to your hands.


Draw additional attributes of the cartoonishVillain - an unrealistic weapon, i.e. Ordinary objects - hammers, sticks, etc. Dress him in appropriate clothing - dark colors for people and bright for animals with patches.


Color the cartoon hero. On the image drawn in pencil, apply darkened areas throughout the body, including the face. Such an effect will immediately be associated with a negative image.


Draw the main character of the petty servant in the same style.

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