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How to draw Olaf cartoon Cold Heart

How to draw Olaf cartoon Cold Heart

Cartoon "The Cold Heart" and immediately fell in lovechildren remember their funny characters. Olaf - Snowman cartoon "The Cold Heart", which wants to see the summer, not knowing what happened to him after that will.

Let's try to draw this cartoon character gradually.

You will need

  • Album pages, pencil, eraser.



Start with Olaf's eyes. Draw two oval, located close to each other, followed by - pupils, wide-open mouth, the nose in the form of carrots.


Draw the shape of the head, one large front teeth, eyebrows, three hairs, which are replaced by Olaf sprigs.


Now draw the body of the snowman (two ovals - one small, one large), three-convex buttons, hand.


Can pririsovat flower, which admires Olaf, darken from Snowman mouth, arms and buttons. Or make a color image, to do this, take crayons or colored pencils.

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