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How to draw a carriage

How to draw a carriage

In past centuries, the coach used for the transport of people, including over long distances.

In modern life, these vehicles are used only for decoration of wedding ceremonies.



Draw the body of the carriage. If your goal - to portray the crew who transported people between cities make coach strong, solid, so she was able to overcome long distances. The walls must be thick enough, make the flat bottom. If you draw a fairy coachThen represent it light and airy. The bottom is rounded, the roof is made convex.


Draw springs vehicle. They look like a curved line, fastened to the bottom of the carriage. The bends on either side of the wheel body paint. Draw them and attaching needles to the axis. If desired, the front wheels can be made smaller than the rear.


Draw on the case door and the window - they canbe of any shape. On the window draw the curtains. If your coach is designed for summer walks, make it open, leave only a low roof and side walls connected to each other by four arcs.


Draw a place for the driver in front ofcoach. It is located high enough to ride a horse person (or fairy tale character) could see the space above the heads of animals. Do not forget that the place of the driver must be consistent with the overall appearance of the carriage. Make pristupku for the pages in the back of the carriage.


Decorate coach. Draw her monogram, pattern of curls. Hang lanterns at the windows. Build out on the roof of a complex pattern, cast metal, the boundary between it and the side walls also garnish molding. On the door, draw the handle.


Remember that the carriage ride itself could not, therefore,draw shafts leading from the carriage to harness a horse, and the animals themselves. Make sure to match the size of horses coach and the people who go there. Usually the coach harnessed a pair or four horses. Decorate harness animals, picture blankets on their backs and plumes on their heads.

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