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How to draw a cake

How to draw a cake

Cake image can decorate a festive postcard or poster.

Draw the cake is simple - you can use the colored pencils, acrylics, pastel, watercolor or gouache.

Make a pencil sketch

Carry out fine lines sharpened pencil hard. After drawing all the auxiliary strokes can be easily erased.

Try to draw a stylized three-layercake with candles. Start with the bottom layer. Mark the sides in the form of short parallel lines. Connect their lower ends flat arc - it will base cake. Then connect the same arc of the upper part of the sidewall.
Draw a vertical line indicating thethe sidewall of the second tier of the cake. It should be slightly smaller than the first. Connect the ends of the arcs of the side lines. Repeat this for the last tier - it must be the smallest.

Tortovy design: the icing and candles

Proceed to the design of the cake. At the base of the upper and middle tiers picture the cherries with tails. Closer to the upper boundary of the last tier, draw a rounded wavy lines - they portray sweet or chocolate glaze with the characteristic "streaks". The same lines decorate the following tiers. Try to keep them turned asymmetrical - the naturalistic streaks appear, the better.
Duplicate arcuate base linecakes, spent them in the center of each layer. These bands will represent a layer of cream or jam. Draw name-day candle with flame tongues, placing them in all tiers of the cake. The top layer can be crowned a candle or cherry with a tail.
Erase the construction lines Eraser, and then trace the image sharpened soft pencil or felt-tip pen.

Birthday cake in color

The resulting picture can be painted colorcrayons or paints. Try acrylic paint - bright colors are obtained, and the pattern will look very appetizing. On plastic palette mix yellow and white paint until golden brown baked biscuit. Paint will get a touch of cakes cake without falling over glaze border. Pink or red paint draw a line of creamy layer.

Figure can be decorated with a dry glitter. Mark the line of transparent nail polish, then sprinkle them with sequins and dry.

Wavy lines glaze paint brown. Allow the paint to dry, dip the brush in white acrylic and put a few highlights to simulate the light chocolate.
White paint on the cake candles, flamepicture a golden-yellow. Carefully paint the cherry on the cake saturated maroon color. For more naturalistic each berry can put a small light flare. Petioles circle black and brown paint, the same color mark the wicks in candles. Ready pattern suitable not only for a card - it could be a template for embroidery or applique, decorate icon, earrings or other jewelry.

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