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How to draw a branch

We are working in mixed media

Some techniques, such as pastel and watercolor, charcoal and colored chalk, blend well and complement each other.

Many artists have found their style, experimenting in mixed media and sometimes combining incongruous.

They proved to themselves and others that it is an interesting and promising way of expression.

You will need

  • Short lengths of branches with interesting texture, a dense sheet of paper, a pencil 6B, oil pastel paint, watercolor, round brush №3.



Draw the outline. Select the portions of branches that you want to sketch, and lightly mark the contours of a pencil 6B. To start sketch a like snakeskin pattern, which is visible on the branch.


Work on a branch. The main branch is the color yellow? white. Recreate it using pastels, having put the finishing touches to this yellow and white body paint in successive layers, and then mix them with your finger to get a smooth, dense, homogeneous tone. Do not forget to leave gaps that will be filled with a dark paint.


Write a line of watercolor. Take the brush №3. Watercolor sepia write dark line branches. The edges of the line should go a little bit into sections, painted with pastels. When absorbed watercolor, pastel on ink traces will remain blurred. In the same way, add small, randomly scattered on the surface of the watercolor spots pastel. Allow the paint to dry.


Complete the work on the branch. A careful study can be considered on a branch long slightly curved vertical lines passing over the light areas of the cortex. Complete work on sketches by drawing the line on top of a layer of mixed pastel pencil 6B. These drawing lines will be much more realistic.


Ready study. Writing in mixed media no painting and sketch. You have made that even in such a small work manages to convey clearly enough shape and pattern of branches. A good result is based on a careful study of the subject and direct. The combination of pastels and watercolors to recreate the natural look and texture of bark.

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