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How to draw a boy on skis pencil

How to draw a boy on skis pencil

Draw boy skiing in several ways.

It depends on how skilled the artist and what age the athlete need to portray.

Phased drawing allows you to quickly learn two simple kinds of image technology.

Drawing young athlete

If you want to draw a boy of 3-8 years, which only makes the first steps on skis, then fit this kind of create a drawing.
First, picture a schematic figure of the baby. Oval or round - is it the future of the person. Since the action takes place in winter, the young child wearing a warm jacket, coveralls, or loose pants.
Start with a jacket. From the chin to draw a rectangle, slightly extended down. Round the top 2 of his line - it's shoulders. Neck draw is not necessary, since it is hidden under a collar or a scarf.
From the bottom of the jacket is a schematic picture the lower part of the garment - a warm pants. If one leg is slightly bent at the child, then on one of the knees, draw a small angle.
Further, the scheme takes shape. On the upper half of the oval depicting the face, draw a hat, put on up to the eyebrows. It can be hems, pompon.
Now draw skier jacket collar and herself,transforming schematic rectangle. On both sides of it are drawn her wide sleeves, the bottom - with an elastic band. Hands holding ski poles, so it bent at the elbows.
There are ski boots, which are displayed on the bottom of the pants. The jacket can be designated pockets.
The next stage - prorisovyvanie details. There are eyes, nose and mouth of the child.

2-4 Draw a line on the jacket that you can see the movement of the child, and jacket at the same time would have bristled at a few places. Do the same on his trousers.

Draw cams in mittens, gripping ski poles and their own.
It remains to finish skiing with simple fixtures and the young sportsman, shown in stages, is already looking to the web.

We represent the boy, sliding down from the mountain

If the artist's technique and above the need to draw a boy or a grown man coming down from the mountain on skis, you can use other means image. It will also be phased pattern.
To draw a boy on ski racing from the slope, first perform an angled line that will face the mountains. View is from the side.
In parallel, the slope is drawn little directline, with a little battened end - it is ski. Legs bent at the athlete, so his first scheme will resemble the letter «h», which is inclined to the right. It is in this side slips drawn skier.
Next, take an eraser and erase the lower left part of the letter. Lower right - foot boy, bent at the knees, and the upper part of the letter - his back. On its top point draw a circle - face.
Now mark pencil pants into parts diagram showing legs. Back - semicircular, as the skier is tilted forward and down the mountain. Arms bent at the elbows and clamped poles.

Using a pencil, apply the finishing touches on the shape of the skier to make it clear that it is in motion.

Draw a helmet on his head. Figure boy ready to ski.

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