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How to draw a boy


One story, two approaches</a>

Most of the famous artists in their quest for a multi-faceted image of the object used a variety of ways.

The choice depended on what the artist wanted to emphasize.

You will need

  • Sheet of smooth paper, fountain pen, water-resistant black ink.



The initial sketch. Mark the contours of the head and shoulders. Then, constantly checking the proportions, start to plan the location of the limbs and torso. Apply ink with light, barely noticeable lines to be able to correct the error.


Finish the outline drawing. Draw the feet, mark the fingers on the sitter's left arm, mark the legs of the chair, and then draw a contour of baggy trousers with folds on the right foot.


Describe the outline of the body. Form the body of the folds of clothing adjacent to it. Since there will be no chiaroscuro in this figure, draw the folds on the model's shirt, rather than the shaded areas of the tone.


Draw a face. Work on facial features to give him a portrait resemblance. Draw a line of hair and a contour of the chin, and then the eyebrows, eyes and nose of the model with thin, barely noticeable lines. Instead of describing the contour of the mouth with a solid line, just draw a line through which the lips are joined, and then mark the upper and lower lip of the model with light strokes.


Draw the clothes. Work out the contours of the letters on the shirt, their shape should follow the outline of the chest and the inclination of the sitter's shoulders. Draw a picture on the T-shirt. Draw the details of your fingers, and then deep creases on your right trouser leg.


Final touches. In the end, add a few small details? Describe the sneakers and figure on the front side of the T-shirt and her sleeve. Fold the folds on the trousers with more intense ink lines. Finish the drawing of the chair.

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