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One story, two approaches

Most well-known artists in their quest for a multi-faceted image of the object using a variety of methods.

The choice depended on what the artist wanted to emphasize.

You will need

  • Smooth sheet of paper, fountain pen, waterproof black ink.



The initial sketch. Mark the contours of the head and shoulders. Then, constantly checking the proportions start to schedule the location of the limbs and torso. Apply a light ink, subtle lines, to be able to correct the error.


Complete the outline drawing. Draw feet, mark the fingers of his left hand the sitter, mark the legs of the chair, and then draw the outline of baggy pants with pleats on the right foot.


Describe the shape of the body. Body Form label folds adjacent clothing. Since this figure will not be present chiaroscuro, draw wrinkles on the t-shirt sitter lines, rather than the shaded areas of tone.


Draw a face. Work on facial features to give it a portrait likeness. Draw the hairline and the chin contour and then the eyebrows, eyes and nose sitter thin, barely visible lines. Rather than describe the solid line contour of the mouth, simply draw a line along which the lips are closed, and then mark the upper and lower lip dashes sitter light.


Paint clothes. Work through the contours of the letters on the shirt, their form should follow the contour of the chest and shoulder slope sitter. Draw the pattern on the shirt. Draw the details of the fingers, and then the deep folds on the right trouser leg.


Final touches. Finally, add a few small parts? Describe sneakers and drawing on the front of the shirt and its sleeve. Deepen creases on the trousers more intense ink lines. Finish drawing a chair.

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