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How to draw a bouquet

Anemones an oil pastel

If you want to draw a bright, juicy image, filled with energy and light iridescent subtlest shades of color, you could not be better suited oil pastel.

These special features give this paint wax and oil.

Oil pastels can work in different techniques, achieving amazing effects.

You will need

  • White paper for sketches oil size 55 * 80 cm, oil pastel, turpentine or white - spirit, brush number 5, cloth.



Make a sketch of the loop composition. Draw on a piece of paper the general outlines of the composition. Use for each element corresponding to the color of pastels: yellow ocher? Paper outlines, grass? green and lemon? yellow? for leaves and stems, carmine, and cobalt violet? for flowers and black? for stamens. Hold the stick pastels free, stress-free, and try to put contours of a fast flowing lines.


Shade brown paper. At this stage of the work to create individual color patches. Take the yellow ocher and apply a quick, light strokes on paper, which wrapped flowers. To strokes did not look monotonous and mechanical, hold the stick pastels free, stress-free. Gradually, this background will appear more clearly the outlines of flowers, adding up to the overall composition.


Perfect figure. Take the charcoal crayon and draw the outlines of white flowers. Add to these flowers a little more intense tone gray strokes to emphasize their outlines. Now at last we can say that you have created the basic areas of color, and did it in the best traditions of impressionism.


Continue to mix the paint. It is important that throughout the work the brush remained clean. To do this, every time before the next breeding pastel, carefully wipe the brush cloth. Begin to mix paint on the flower heads. In the process, you will find that oil pastel easy divorces. Continue to work, still trying not to cover the entire surface of the blur of the flower head. Let the bottom layer of shading places peeps through the diluted pastel. Designate this way the whole picture.


Draw details black pastel. Give the drawing to dry completely, then add a few precise details. Take the black oil pastel and light touches of paint flowers core. These stamens create rhythmic repeating pattern that will keep eyes on the surface of the painting the viewer. Surround core flowers black dots stamens.


Specify color. Add touches of cobalt and purple pastels on purple flowers. Draw leaves grass-green and shaded areas the leaves paint the dark? green pastel. These dark areas will add volume and pattern can help to portray the space between the stems, flowers and wrapping paper. Apply a bright lemon-yellow patches on the stems of flowers.


Final touches. Deepen the shadows in the background and in the intervals between the flowers and leaves. These negative space will help unify the composition and will lead the viewer's eye across the picture surface. Furthermore, the shadow will show more accurately the shape of each flower.

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