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How to draw a bouquet


Anemones with oil pastel</a>

If you want to draw a bright, juicy drawing, filled with energy of light and shimmering with the finest shades of color, you can not do better than oil pastel.

Such special properties give this paint a wax and oil.

Oil pastel can be used in various techniques, achieving amazing effects.

You will need

  • A sheet of white paper for etudes with oil size 55 * 80 cm, oil pastel, turpentine or white spirit, brush No. 5, tissue napkin.



Make a outline sketch composition. Draw a general outline of the composition on the sheet of paper. Use for each of its elements the color pastel: yellow ocher? For paper contours, grassy? Green and lemon? Yellow? For stems and leaves, carmine, cobalt and purple? For flowers and black? For stamens. Keep the wand of the pastel free, without tension, and try to apply contours with fast smooth lines.


Shade the brown paper. At this stage of work, create separate color spots. Take the yellow ocher and apply quick light strokes on the paper, in which the flowers are wrapped. To ensure that the strokes do not look monotonous and mechanical, keep the wand of the pastel free, without tension. Gradually, against this background, the outlines of flowers will become more pronounced, forming into a common composition.


Improve the pattern. Take a dark gray pastel and draw out the outlines of white flowers. Add on these flowers a few more intense in tone of gray strokes to emphasize their outlines. Now finally you can say that you created the main color areas, and did it in the best traditions of impressionism.


Continue to mix the colors. It is important that the brush remains clean throughout the entire operation. For this, each time before you dilute the next pastel, carefully wipe the brush with a tissue napkin. Start mixing the colors on the flower heads. In the process of work you will find that oil pastel is very easily bred. Continue the work, still not trying to cover the entire surface of the flower head with a washout. Let the lower layer of hatching look through places through the divorced pastel. In this way, mark the whole picture.


Draw the details in black pastel. Let the pattern dry completely, after which add a few clear details. Take a black oil pastel and draw in a light strokes the cores of the flowers. These stamens will create a rhythmic repetitive pattern that will guide the viewer's eye over the surface of the picture. Surround the core of the flowers with black dots-stamens.


Specify the color. Add streaks of cobalt and purple pastels to purple flowers. Draw the leaves in herbaceous green, and shade the areas of the leaves darken? Green pastel. These dark areas will give the picture volume and help to represent the free space between stems, flowers and wrapping paper. Apply bright lemon-yellow glare on the stems of flowers.


Final touches. Shade the shadows in the background and in the spaces between the flowers and leaves. These negative spaces will help to unite the composition and will guide the viewer's eye all over the surface of the picture. In addition, the shadows allow you to more accurately show the shape of each individual flower.

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