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How to draw a beaver Bobrenko pencil

Hobby beaver - to build a dam

Despite the fact that the beavers sometimes bring people a lot of trouble arranging a dam in the most inappropriate places, they are usually portrayed cheerful and pretty.

It seems that fat furry animal is always smiling, because it sticks out of the open jaws of a few long teeth.

The inhabitant of streams and rivers

The most characteristic occupation for beaver - buildingdam. He gnaws branches, and sometimes thick stems, so it is best to portray the animal is doing this. Sheet put as you want. Phased start by drawing a straight line. Spend it in any direction, thus expressing the position of the beam. Draw a second line parallel to the first. It is better if the segments are curved, as a tree trunk is always small irregularities.

Transverse sections of the log can not draw. If you still want to do this, picture a slice in the form of a circle or oval.

Circle and two ovals

Figure any animal can be divided intoseveral pieces that resemble different geometric shapes. For example, the beaver's body is made up of a circle and two ovals. Circle - a torso with a bent back, front and rear paws. Draw a circle so that one of its points was just above the log.
To the top of the oval circumference pririsuyte -its long axis is about half the diameter of a circle. By the bottom of the circle pririsuyte long, narrow oval. Long both ovals about the same axis.

Sketch comfortable doing well sharpened pencil hard. Eraser try not to use it, all you can mask the bad line hatching.

The feet, head, eyes and ears

The body of a beaver's still not quite round. At some distance from that part of the circle that is closest to the log, draw an arc. Between the body and the head, draw a straight line - the head. From this line towards the log, draw another oval - paw. It ends with sharp claws, grabbed the log.
The lower extremities are almost invisible, out of the bodyjust look out the claws. When the beaver sits in profile to the audience, he had seen only one eye - a large oval. Ears a beaver also oval. Tooth - just two straight strips. Draw a long tail with a shovel.


Bober has a monotonous brown color. If you have on hand colored pencils, hair can be drawn immediately brown. The simple pencil you need to take a different, softer than the one that you drew the contours. The figure in pencil can not see it, you just need to show that animal fluffy.
Draw hairs - long, straight strokes. On the head they diverge from the eye in all directions. On the body strokes are slightly divergent lines to the contours of the neck and even in some places beyond the line. Draw a round pupil and the nose and schedule rather long mustache.

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