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How to draw a ballerina in stages

How to draw a ballerina in stages

If you have little experience in painting, you will hardly be able to realistically portray a ballerina.

This is especially difficult, because the need to implement all the elegance and grace of ballet.

However, if you follow the simple step by step instructions, you will succeed.



Draw the outline initial line. It is very important to follow the exact proportions and location. First, picture the circuit packs. It should be slanted oval, the left edge is slightly tapered. Then picture the feet position, arms and head of a ballerina. These finishing touches considerably facilitate the task.



Ask the general shape of a ballerina. Skip to main loop, add a few lines to form the shape. Draw the shoulder line, the approximate shape of the legs and waist line. Remember that the ballerina - a very slender girl, so try to make the figure high, light and elegant.

The overall shape of a ballerina


Fully Draw the shape of the hands and feet of a ballerina. It stands on tiptoes, so with the image of the feet should be no problems. Remember that she is on her feet pointe shoes. Draw the legs thin as possible, but do not get carried away.

The shape and the legs of a ballerina hands


At this stage, the picture is necessary to remove allunnecessary edges and lines. You can say that you come almost to the final stage. Draw the palm and fingers. Add some wrinkles on the package and apply the facial contours.

Remove the extra drawing contour lines


Draw a face and a ballerina dress. If you have no experience in drawing, the task may seem daunting. If you draw a large image, the person must be fully portray, not missing even the smallest detail. If the picture a little, then you can do a few strokes.


Draw the nose, mouth, eyebrows, and then slightlyshade the entire face. As for the hair, then there should be no problems. Dancers always clean them, so it is enough to represent only a small outline. Do not forget to portray the pattern on the dress.


Try to pack a little ballerinatransparent. For this it is necessary to leave plenty of white color. Bring to mind the image of the corset and begin to apply the shadow. Carefully inspect the picture for the absence of any details. For example, the ties on pointe. It is the little things make a drawing truly alive.

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