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How to draw a 3d drawing stars on paper

How to draw a 3d drawing stars on paper

Draw ordinary pictures, perhaps, can do everything. More recently gained a lot of popularity 3d drawings.

Novice artists can propose to draw 3d drawing on paper - bulk star.



To make a 3d drawing stars on paper, quite a pencil of the same color. It is best to get a picture, if you draw it simple soft pencil.


Most likely, you already know how to drawordinary five-pointed star with one stroke. It is with this and start your 3d image. On the left side of the sheet spend a straight horizontal line, without lifting the pencil, then, drawing a line, turn to the lower left corner of the sheet at an angle of about 30 degrees, after - right up, right down. Complete the drawing by connecting the line to the starting point. The better to draw a star, you can compass to draw a circle and mark it on five points equidistant from each other. They will be the future nodes 3d stars.


Erase eraser extensions to the insidefigure was empty. Find the center of the figure and put it point. If you enter a star in a circle with a compass, it is the place of its installation and will be the middle of a 3d image.


To draw a 3d drawing on paper in the form ofstars perform from every corner of the figure straight lines to the center. They should not only be drawn from the vertex star, but also from the inner corners, as shown.


If you have a piece of paper there was a star, divided into ten equal triangles, then you have done everything correctly. Now shade pencil each right triangle.


Look at your 3d drawing on paper. Now it seems that the star, which you can draw through this step by step instructions, began volume.

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