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How to draw 3d drawings on paper and asphalt

How to draw 3d drawings on paper and asphalt

The bulk drawings on asphalt and paper have become incredibly popular among people of all ages recently. Vivid and realistic, they are dazzling.

It is therefore quite natural that many people want to learn how to draw on paper 3d illustration.

Learn to draw three-dimensional 3D drawings on the pavement or the paper can every beginner artist. To do this, follow the simple advice.

How to learn how to draw 3d drawings for beginners

To become a 3d artist, try to learn how to draw simple three-dimensional figures. Ideal for the beginning to try to portray the cube, sphere, pyramid, star, cylinder, cone.

Then move on to more complex subjects. Most often in art schools after learning to draw geometric shapes and fruit dishes.

To make bulk 3d image, carefullystudy the shape of the depicted object, all of its convexity and depression. See how the light falls. Certain parts of the figure quite dark, at others falls bright light, and they give a bright glare. Do not forget that any object provides shade.

Learn to draw a 3d best simplepencils with different hardness. It is better to buy a special set. Soft pencils give a darker and thicker lines, solid paint thinner and lighter. Also, to obtain three-dimensional image is necessary to strengthen and weaken the pressure on the pen where it is needed.

How to draw 3d drawings on paper

To get a good picture 3d beginnerthe artist to choose the correct nature. You can use the real thing or a good quality photograph. Do not try to draw a very complicated story. If you have mastered the three-dimensional figures, try to represent in 3D some mystical creature or comic book character.

In the first step, create a sketch on paper drawing. This should be a flat image.

Next, determine which side of the light falls. If there are multiple light sources (for example, artificial and natural light). To initially make it easier to work sloping line markings of light in the form of a grid. Be aware that some objects of your story may obstruct others from the light, and then they become darker. This will correctly draw 3d drawings based on light and shade.

When you have sketched on paperpencil sketch, start drawing the shadows. They give a 3D volume. Making it easier to just layers. For details of the lightest and lit places the figure will not shaded, slightly more shaded items will be shaded in a single layer, and almost black elements will get the largest number of layers of shading pencil.

In order to look nice and neat to draw 3d drawings on paper, it is important to choose the right sheets for creativity. The denser the paper and the more her gloss, the more realistic the image will turn out.

To make the 3D image closest tothis image is not necessary to trace any contour. It's on the plane figures obtained nice if adding clear contours, in real life things are when you transfer them to paper more than a vague outline. That also applies to de shadows. An additional effect of volume can help to give an eraser.

To draw a more complex 3D drawings andthe image on the pavement behind the artistic experience is not enough. This is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. Businesses are also using more and special computer programs: After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

How to draw 3d drawings on pavement

To make the volume pattern on the pavement, find a comfortable place and take a picture of it.

Open the resulting images in Photoshop editor, add to it the image that you want to draw in 3d. Apply the filter.

Next correct perspective so that the grid appears in the drawing.

Export the resulting imageprogram After Effects. If the operation is carried out correctly, the result will be the appearance of its computer files in three vpe, 3ds and png formats. Open the file with the extension png, and you can see your 3D image from above.

Make a printout on a color printer. To get a clearer picture, it is desirable to use a laser model and photo paper.

Figures in 3d on asphalt paint cans with aerosol paints or crayons.

The difficulty in the use of the first isto find a large number of shades that you require. A cans to learn how to draw 3d drawings on the asphalt is quite difficult. To sprayed paint thinner streams, you can use the airbrush.

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