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Drafting frame-panel houses

Frame-panel houses have many advantages over other designs.

They are environmentally friendly, does not require the construction of a solid foundation, resistant to stress, practically do not shrink. These homes are also very easy to install.

The building Houses skeleton-shield type should start by making a special project in which all features of the technology of erection of buildings will be provided.

The advantages of frame-panel houses

The distinctive features of skeleton-shieldhomes should include good thermal conductivity, earthquake resistance and economy. But their main advantage in comparison with elite cottages, of course, is the simplicity of construction of the structure. Installation of the house can be done in an extremely short time at low cost of materials and labor. The most important thing to consider when building - strict adherence to technology and adherence to the project documentation.

The building Houses skeleton-shield type can be carried out at any time of the year.

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Most often, the development of the project and installationFrame-panel houses is carried out specialized construction companies. Such production associations distribute free catalogs of ready model projects have proven technology and special achievements. But it happens that in a specific individual case the finished project, put up for sale, does not satisfy the customer. It often takes into account topographical, climatic and seismic features of the site, allotted for construction.

If you want to get a skeleton-shieldstructure, exactly meets your needs and requirements, as well as adequate financial means, you can not only charge the construction company to develop an individual project, but also perform part of the project work on their own or with the help of a specialist in the field of architecture. Become the owner of the project free of charge, it may not work. However, the overall low cost of production and installation of prefabricated skeleton-shield design allows customers to allocate part of the funds for the design of the house with individually designed according to your taste.

How to draft a frame-panel house

Houses skeleton-shield type can be differentsize, number of storeys and planning. In many can also be the type of foundation of the house, type of roof and wall cladding, not to mention the final exterior and interior decoration. For additional areas of warming the house system can be provided with a long cold season. All these questions need to consider and decide on the stage of preparation of project documentation.

Those developers who have decidedconstruct a frame-panel house on its own, it should start with the preparation of technical solutions. Not everyone will be able in its entirety, taking into account the construction and design standards to create a professional design of the house, but the technical solution that is suitable for the construction of buildings, can make even a layman.

First we need to choose a scaleschematic representation, for example, 1: 100 or 1:50. On a large sheet of paper in the selected scale are drawn outlines of the house, inside the area which are distributed living room, utility, and utility rooms. The minimum size of the premises by the standards are as follows: Kitchen - 5 sq.m, bedroom - 6 m, for the living room - 12 sq.m.

It is necessary to take into account the vertical dimensionpremises. The ceiling height in the house should not be less than two and a half meters. If the home provides a staircase leading to the attic, the width of the stairway should be about a meter, and the slope should not exceed 45 degrees.

In the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen should beIt provided ample natural lighting. Provision should be made to the transom windows or vents to ventilate the rooms. In calculating the window area can be used as building standards and their requirements for natural light.

For the living room is more suitable south-west and western lighting, and kitchen - from the north.

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Frame-panel house is conveniently divided into a bedroomand daily functional areas. If you have a project in the attic there is convenient to arrange the bedroom reserved for the day zone the lower level of the house. Taking into account these recommendations on paper drawn detailed scale plan of the future building. It is a view of the whole structure at one meter from the floor surface to cross the home if the imaginary horizontal plane.

The foundation of the house is drawn separately for allwidth, it shall appear axes, playing the role of the markup. Next plotted contours of walls, interior partitions are marked, the location of air vents and heaters (furnaces, fireplaces, boiler, etc.). Windows and doors are made to represent the least, on the plane of the open draw.

Project frame-panel house can includehimself as the image of all buildings facades, sections of the house in the vertical plane, a layout and rafters of the roof, which can also be marked overlap installation site.

Thinking over the final version of the project house,correlate it with the possibilities of the use of certain materials. The modern frame-panel houses are built usually by Canadian or German technology, the difference between which consists in choosing the material for the frame. Canadian version involves the use of natural wood and metal elements used in German technology.

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