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How to download bios


How to download BIOS?</a>

BIOS? With the English. A basic input / output system? ? This is a set of microprograms that access the management of internal and external devices of the computer.

The BIOS files are written to the permanent memory of the EEPROM chip located on the motherboard.



In the BIOS terminal, you can make a variety of settings, ranging from setting the date and time, and ending with overclocking the CPU frequency.
The BIOS Setup program startsAs follows: first you need to restart the computer, wait for the manufacturer's logo to appear. At this time on the screen there will be an inscription "Press xxx for setup ?, where? Xxx? ? The name of the key. For example,? Press del for setup? Or? Press F2 for setup ?. As soon as you see this inscription on the screen, before pressing Windows, press the specified key. Before you open a blue or black screen - this is the BIOS control panel.


Which key to press, if the manufacturer's logo appears, and the control letter? no? Try booting by pressing the most common start keys BIOS: Del (Delete), F2 and Esc (Escape).
Manufacturers of motherboards for some reason can notAgree on a single BIOS key. And if the computer does not respond to pressing Del, F2 and Esc, try using the following keys depending on the manufacturer:
F1? Some series of notebooks Acer, Dell, Micron, Sony, IBM-

F1 + Fn? Dell Latitude-

F3? Sony Vaio-

F10? Laptops Compaq-

Ctrl + Alt + Del, Ctrl + Alt + Esc? AST.

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